Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hey mom!

Today is my first p-day.  Well not really cause they are not techinally calling it a p-day. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

I haven't even done laundry yet.  Our branch president said we could write though.

Everything is going too well here.  I am loving every second of it. 

My companion is Eldste E and he is from California.  We room with our zone leaders who are going to Edmonton, Canada (Elder R and Elder C).  I am district leader of our little district. The district is made of one tri-panionship.  Its me and my companion and then a sister that is going to Norway with us.  Her name is Sister S.  There are also 9 other Eldstre that are going to Sweden that are in my zone.  So we talk to them in Norsk and they talk to us in Swedish.  They have told us that we are the last group to be here the full 9 weeks.  I have two teachers, Brother S and Brother D.  They are awesome!  I absolutely love the language. 

We have a mock investigator named Anton.  We are only allowed to teach him in Norsk, so the lessons are really rocking but we just commited him to going to Church on Sunday!

I am learning Norsk very fast.  I definitely understand the most of the three norwegian speakers but I have the worst speaking ability I think.  Surprisingly German has been a double edged sword.  It helps me figure out words but it ruins how I say them.  I sound German when I talk apparently. 

My branch president is President Watts. 

I have seen everyone!  I saw Taylor Blanchard, Travis Clarke, Mason Ming, Ian Nelson, Nate Jensen (he works here in the mornings), and a couple other guys from school and what not.

Other than that I am so happy here.  I am definitely exhausted though.  It is a lot of work, and I am always busy.

I love you!

Eldste Jones

P.S.  The cinnamon rolls were delicious!!!

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