Monday, October 27, 2014



Things have been crazy the past week.  Lots of miracles and lots of cool stories!  Unfortunately we are supposed to get ready for a whole week of flights this week so we have to go and do laundry and stuff, so there is no time for the stories.  But, it will only be a couple weeks, so we can tell the stories then.

We went to Hamar, Fredrikstad, Moss, Porsgrunn, Tønsberg, and Drammen.  It was a week full of driving.  I think I fell a little bit deeper in love with Norway though because of it.

Elder E and I are doing great, we are getting more and more tired as the road goes on so I think we might literally come home on stretchers but thats totally okay!  I would be fine with that.  We are literally doing the coolest job in the world!

Thanks for starting the stuff with College.  I think that English would be good for now.  I have some other ideas floating in my head right now but nothing concrete.  If the schedule could focus on the general education requirements for right now that would give me more time to figure out plans after the first semester.  I am definitely set on getting a law degree though.  Not sure as to what profession I will take that to though...I think if we get housing and schedule figured out that would be a great start. Can you help me with the schedule though? 

Let me know if there is anything I am missing though.  I feel like I have a thousand things to focus on these last couple weeks and I am trying not to lose it all.

You are awesome and I am so excited to see you!

Jeg elsker deg!

Eldste Jones

Monday, October 20, 2014

That was a sweet surprise to get from you on transfer daY!!

Hey there!
Well that was a sweet surprise to get from you on Transfer daY!  I came into the office super early to start getting things ready for transfers wednesday morning and you had told me that I got accepted!  That was insane!  I am super pumped! 
I think it would be sweet to room with Riley!  I would love that.  I will go online today though and start the registration process and see what the next steps are so that I have a better idea of what needs to be planned for.
This past week has been sweet!  I have loved getting to travel and work with the different missionaries.  We had miracles happen in each area!  We found new investigators and commitmented them to baptism and church and everything in between.  So we are definitely going hard! 
Travelling with Elder E is probably just a dream come true!  He is a stud and like I said a week ago, we just work well together. Missionary work could not be more fun! We are also living with Elder S and Elder H.  So that makes coming back to Sandvika really awesome.  We are only here like 1 night a week though. So that is really not all that much.
We actually travelled down to Sandefjord and then to Oslo and finally had sunday here in Sandvika.  So we were just all over the place.  It was sooooooo cold though.  We got snowed on.  Most of the time is was sleet though, so we were just wet and cold, and the wind was blowing.  Despite all that we worked hard and got stuff done.  The Elders all seemed to be having a good time to, despite the awful conditions.
This week we are going to drive all over!  We are driving to Hamar, Fredrikstad, Moss, Tønsberg, Porsgrunn, Drammen.  We are going to see the whole east side of Norway. We also get to take our car across a ferry on the fjord.  It will be sweet!
As far as coming home, I am definitely excited.  I am also definitely sad.  I don't think you can really understand it without having served a mission. It is literally like being torn in half.  But the thing is that this has to happen... so I am just running with it :)  I love the mission and I love you guys. I just can't have both at the same time.  So I will enjoy this as much I can before I come home and then love home as much as I can before I have to go to school.  Then I will try to love school... we will see how that goes though haha.
I am down for whatever on the whole getting released thing.  I think that I just want to go to the temple on Saturday morning, that is one of the few things that I really really want to do. So whatever is best for that really.
Anyways, I have to go get winter tires on my car and then get a new headlight, do some laudry and then do some more chores so that I am ready for a week of travels.  Today is a busy p-day.
Jeg elsker deg så mye!
Eldste Jones

Monday, October 13, 2014


hey there!

haha I did end up getting your message from last week so you don't have to feel so bad about that!  it came when you resent it!

It was good to hear from you this week too though.  It sounds like a ton of stuff has been happening back at home!  That movie sounds super cool!  I am kind of jealous that I didn't get to see it! Elder H and I saw the preview on and thought that it looked sick! We are definitely missionaries haha.

Anyways, this past week has been an interesting one.  We got to go to Stavanger and and do splits with the Elders there.  I got to spend and entire day with E!  It was super awesome!  I got super excited to work with him over the next month. He is such an awesome Elder.  We got to do a lot of proselyting and I swear there is no other person that I work better with than with Elder E!  It is just so easy to teach with him and to know what he is thinking.  Seriously, it was just like the perfect day.

Other than that we spent a lot of time getting ready for moves again.  We had to purchase flights and trains and rent out a guest house and all the other odds and ends that come with a big transfer like this.  We also got to work super hard in our area. I totally forgot to tell you guys last week, but we have had the hugest miracle here.

Two weeks ago on Sunday Elder H and I fasted so that we could have a baptism here in Sandvika before I leave.  We had many people that had come to church and were really just waiting on an answer to get baptized.  So we felt like the Lord could totally make it happen.  The Lord blessed us in such a different way though.  I can't give too many details, but the Lord doubled our blessings!!  It was a huge testimony to me that the Lord will always reward us when we are trying to do what is right.  I know that he hears and answers prayers and that he wants us to know that.

Anyways, the rest of the week is hectic. We get new missionaries tomorrow and we  have moves on Wednesday.  We are going to be a taxi service to the 16 coming and 11 going. Once the dust settles Elder E and myself will hit the road. We are going to have a car for 2 weeks while we visit all of the areas in the east and telemark zones and then we will start taking flights, ferries, and busses and all of that kind of stuff for the final two weeks.

It should be pretty exciting!  I will take pictures... this will be well documented.

Anyways, I should be back in the office next monday to write and report to president and stuff like that.  So I am sure that i can even send some pictures home.

I have to get some stuff done here. So i will be talking to you later I guess!

Jeg elsker deg!

Eldste Jones

Monday, October 6, 2014


Mom Note:  He's down to 5 ½ weeks and for the first time he didn't get my email.  I sent it to his home email address accidentally.  So when I woke up this morning and checked my e-mail my day was already ruined.  This is what he said.

I never got an email from you this week... I hope you are doing okay!  This past week was awesome. Lots of good stuff happened.  I guess I can just attach the email that I am sending to Dad though.  Let me know if I can do anything for you!  I love you so much!

Your son,

letter to Dad....


This past week was just like all of the other ones on the mission, insane.  We had a lot of stuff to do.  On top of it all it was general conference.  That was sweet!

The week started off great.  We had MLC early in the week and it was Elder H's turn to conduct.  He did a great job and MLC was just a great experience all around. We talked alot about member work and the stuff we need to do to get going on it here in Norway.  It seems that there is always more to do on that front!  Anways, it was a great meeting and a lot came out of it.  I have one more while I am here on the mission.  That should be an interesting to be there for that.

Anyways, after that we had Splits with the missionaries in Oslo.  I got to work with Elder G while I was there.  It was fun to be there and work for a little bit.  I was remembering being there with Elder B what seems like an eternity ago.  Anyways, I found out while I was there that they got a baptismal date with a man that Elder W and I found while we were together.  So it was nice to hear that I am still helping out down there in some small way!

After that Elder H and I had a couple of days in our area.  We unfortunately had to start working moves which will be happening next week.  So that is when I will be starting on road.  We have 16 new missionaries coming in and 11 sisters leaving next week, so we have a lot of work to get ready for them when they arrive.  So this week will be buying flights and trains and organizing plans for all of that.  

The weekend was awesome, as expected!  We got to watch all of conference here in Sandvika.  It was amazing to hear the prophets and apostles speak and get their messages.  I think my favorite was actually President Monson's about the Bismark.  I thought it was great imagery for us to understand why it is so important to have direction and meaning in life.  Without those we are just sitting ducks!  

I thought all of the talks really just helped me to realize how I could be successful in life, in both Spiritual and temporal things. It makes me excited to think about it, but at the same time very anxious to know that I have to leave here.  That is life though haha!

The birthday was awesome.  Elder H treated me to all you can eat pizza and we enjoyed a nice man date haha.  Sister Allen made me Texas Sheet cake and Sister evans made me this bananna cake that was also just amazing!  I loved every second of it.  

Really though I feel like I am coming into my time to shine. I am going full court press and just going for Gold.  I have my last week in my own proselyting area now and I am just prepared to get at it!  I love being a missionary so much!  I really can't imagine doing anything else.

Thanks again for everything you guys do for me! It means a lot! I love you guys and I love this work! 

Anyways, I love you a ton!

Elder Jones

After I realized why he didn't get my email, I forwarded it to him hoping he checks his email during the week at the office.  Just a few minutes ago, I got this from him:

Just got your email!  Thanks a ton!  I love you so much!


Also, totally got your package.  It was awesome and everything that I could have wanted.  thanks so much!