Monday, July 29, 2013



Well I just got here to Trondheim!  I am now serving with Elder A.  He is a stud, I can already tell.  He has been here in the mission for 9 weeks so I will actually be finishing his training for the next three weeks as well.  

My district is here in Trondheim, we have the zone leaders and then 6 sisters.  So there are a lot of us.  I am pretty excited to be serving here, especially with Elder L again (he is the zone leader up here).  So things will be pretty awesome I am way excited!

That is all I have time for today though, I have to go eat food and then buy some for the week!

Jeg elsker deg!

Eldste Jones

Monday, July 22, 2013

Simply put, it was because we listened to the spirit. Got to love being a missionary huh?


Well, I am happy to hear that things are going well for you all!  I am very sorry to hear that Aunt Sandy passed away.  I will keep everyone in my prayers.  

Tell all the girls I say hello!  Also thanks for the money for the suit, it really looks nice, I like it alot!

Things here are going well. First things first, I just found out that I will be leaving narvik next week... President just called and said that he will be calling me as district leader next week.  I am not sure where I am heading but I think it will be next Monday that I leave.  So it is a good thing that package should get here soon then huh!?

The last week has been full of different stuff.  We have still been working hard and we having been seeing some major blessings from the Lord. We had a couple cool experiences on the street this week.  

We were walking on the street and we felt like we needed to take a turn that we normally do not take.  But we took the right turn anyway.  Then as we proceeded on that route we decided that we needed to go left instead of right.... so we did that to.  Finally we came to another crosspoint and felt like we needed to take another left.  This put us going back the way that we normally would be walking.  Not but 5 seconds later we fall in step with this man from Britain and end up having this wonderful conversation with this man.  Something that never would have happened if we had not been in tune with the spirit.  As we continued on that route we ended up meeting another person that we had a great conversation with and invited to church.  And simply put, it was because we listened to the spirit. Got to love being a missionary huh?

We had a couple other small little experiences like that throughout the week, but nothing that makes quite so good a story.  

On Friday we had to wake up early to catch a bus to Tromsø.  The bus left at 5:20a.m.  and got to Tromsø at 9:30.  So that was quite a bus ride.  Then we had zone leader training there and worked with the Tromsø elders for a little before we drove back with the Zone leaders to Narvik in the Tromsø car.  (The Tromsø car was being returned to the south of Norway which meant that select missionaries had to make long car rides to get it down there,  the North zone leaders had a 15 hour leg of the drive)  That car ride was a blast, it was super fun to get to see Elder L again (now my zone leader here in the north, instead of my district leader in Bergen).  The zone leaders stayed here the night and then left Saturday morning.  So needless to say, Friday was shot by travel.  

Church was interesting this week.  The bottom floor of the Red cross building that we use to meet in is being used right now as a fishing shop, so we had the upstairs.  That consists of 2 rooms the size of my bedroom at home.  We had about 10 people there though, so that was nice.  We watched talks from conference as our sacrament talks though, so that was an experience.

One of the people in Church on Sunday was my district leaders father! My district leader is Elder H, and is from Stavanger here in Norway, and is currently serving in Bodø.  His father was on vacation and came to our church for sunday!  So that was kind of funny when I called him that night to give him numbers and told him that I spoken to his father that day...

Other than that it has been a good week.  We worked really hard again and really tried to make some stuff happen.  But I have been learning a ton up here and am really coming to love it!

Jeg elsker deg så mye og jeg ønsker deg en fantastisk uke!

Din sønn,
Eldste Jones

Monday, July 15, 2013

It is amazing to see the Lord bless you as you try your hardest. That is what we have seen here.


Wow!  Things are so crazy how much they change.  I can't believe that it is time for another missionary to go out!  Thanks for those pictures as well!  You have to tell taylor to shave that beard of his though!  Everyone was looking way good otherwise!  

That is cool to hear that the Elders did a role play with you, it is always a little hard to be an investigator for those.  I think that is helps when you choose someone you know and pretend to be them as you go through the lesson, especially try and figure out what they are thinking and what not.  Who know maybe you will realize something that could actually help that person and then share it with them!

Anyways, this week was probably my best week in Narvik.  Elder M and I committed ourselves to working harder than we ever have before and we saw some improvement.  We found 3 new investigators and had 6 lessons.  That was the best we have had since we got here.  But it was amazing to see the progress we have made as a companionship and the progress we have made here in the area.

We have taught M a couple more times, and it went well.  We focused a lot on his concerns with the Plan of Salvation.  We actually were able to explain it in a way for him that made sense.  At the end of the lesson he said, "This makes more sense than my doctrine!"  So that was some icing on the cake!  But a couple other concerns came up as far as proxy ordinances.  So we now have a great way to bring in Baptism in this life and why it is so important.  So we will hopefully teach baptism tonight!  We are very positive, and feel like we have seen some serious growth in him!  He knows that the Book of Mormon is true!

We also got a chance to meet with S.  I don't know if I ever told you guys about him.  Essentially we taught him 2 times and then he got super busy with school. We met with him because he wanted to attend a YSA conference but wanted to understand our religion first.  But anyways we got to meet with him one last time before he left to go back to china.  He really enjoyed to conference and felt like he grew as a result of it.  Unfortunately he still has no desire to change religions.  But the cool part is that he gave us gifts!  He gave me a Chinese screen model.  Essential it is just a small decorative piece.  It has the terracotta warriors on it and is super cool.  I will try and send a picture home soon.

Other than that we have had summer vacation plaguing us.  Most of or other investigators either left on vacation or remain on vacation.  Including half of the ward!

In church on sunday there was only like 3 members.  The branch president left for vacation with his family to Finland.  His daughter leaves on her mission to Finland next month, so they were going to sweden first to go the temple. So next week I think we literally have just the missionaries and one other couple.  But we shall see.   

Other than that we have just been working hard and getting stuff done!  It is amazing to see the Lord bless you has you try your hardest.  That is what we have seen here.  

I vært fall, jeg elsker deg så hoyt!  

Din sønn,
Eldste Jones

Monday, July 8, 2013


Heia igjen!

Well, it sounds like you all have had a very busy week, especially Grammy!  95 people, that is outrageous!  Glad things went well though!

Things here have been similarly busy.  We have been hitting the streets pretty hard every day and trying our best to find some people.  

Questions first, no we do not have transfers.  They are not until 27th of August.  There was a six week gap between MTC groups because of space problems there.  So ya not a whole of changes, Elder M and myself will stay here in Narvik.  

Narvik is its own area so it is just me and Elder M here.  Our apartment is nice, probably the nicest I have had in Norway.  It has a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.  Very simple but nice.   

We had an amazing lesson with M at a members home here last week.  We went to the Branch presidents house and watch the biography about Thomas S. Monson.  It was absolutely amazing, the spirit is so strong in members homes, I just love it.  At the end of the lesson M said he was beginning to be convinced that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet.  He once said a similar phrase about the Book of Mormon, which he now believes 100%! So we are very excited to continue meeting with him and trying to get a baptismal date with him soon.

Other than that we had some interesting stuff happen in the last week.  There was a Jehovah's Witness conference here in Narvik last weekend.  So there was about 1000 witnesses here in town.  We had been trying to meet with a family that was Jehovah's witness for about a week when they invited us to come a long.  So we called president and got permission to visit for 30 minutes to watch a play they were doing with this family.  As we got there we were ushered to the very front of the place ( apparently mormon missionaries have special privileges haha).  

The play was interesting, it focused on how we can gain strength from the Bible.  But as it finished and it was time for us to go we had to make the long walk up the aisle to the exit.  Every single head turned as we walked past, they all knew who we were, even though for once in a missionaries life we fit in while wearing suits.  It was a cool experience to say the least. 

All things worked to our advantage as well seeing as we have meet with that family already today!

But anyways that is about it for the week.  That was by far the most exciting thing.  

Jeg elsker deg!

Din sønn
Eldste Jones 

Monday, July 1, 2013



Well thanks for all of the updates... everyone is in my prayers!  I love you all!

It is kind of freaky to think that Riley will be a missionary in 2 weeks!  That is just too close!  But it is exciting that is for sure!  

This week here has been rather average here in Narvik... no books being thrown or anything like that.  We hit the streets in the last week again... producing as President Hinkley calls it "meager results."  So that was kind of difficult.  But we had some pretty cool experiences over the last week!

The first cool story comes from Thursday!  We had just finished doing our companionship study when a member called and said he was outside, so we went down to go talk to him.  As we walked out the door we were attacked from behind... by our MTC teacher!  Brother S!  He was here visiting Norway while on Break for the summer, and made a trip to Narvik!  (he served here for a long time and loved it)  So we went with him to visit some of his old friends/investigators/members.  We visited a very elderly women in the hospital that is a member that we haven't been able to visit yet as well as the member that called to surprise us.  So that was way cool!  It was amazing getting to see him and he helped us get some of our MTC fire back! That is always appreciated!

The next story comes from just yesterday.  We went out to a town called Harstad, which is about 1.5-2 hours away.  We actually caught a ride with the catholic priest out there haha.  We had met him on Monday and he said that he was going out there on sunday and offered us a ride.  So we went!  There are several families out there that never get to come to sacrament because it is so far.  So we have to try and make it out to them as often as possible.  The catholic priest is from Germany, he speaks Norwegian as well as german and english.  He has served in Narvik for about 2 years.  He is way cool.  

While contacting and tracting we have met some pretty cool people, unfortunately no new investigators though.  We taught M a couple more times and he seems to be still making progress.  We are going to try and move into gospel of Jesus Christ and make a baptismal commitment coming up here soon.

We of course watched the Work of Salvation here.  It is amazing the move on member missionary work.  We need the members for us to move forward, the time is here.  We in Scandinavia have had 3 conferences over the last 3 months telling us to work on member missionary work.  General conference, the Scandinavian conference, and the Work of Salvation.  So we hope to see it rolling!

But that is about it from here.  Random stuff... we finally got a scale for the apartment, I am down to 220!  So that was pretty cool.  That has been another 15 pounds in the last 6 weeks.  I am going to try and get down to 205 by the end of the transfer.

But anyways, that is about it!  Jeg elsker deg så mye, det er umulig å forstå hvor mye!  Jeg håper at du får vite det.  Ha det godt!

Din sønn,
Eldste Jones