Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hey Mom!
It is totally Christmas time!  They have a ton of lights up here as well.  It is really cool.  I can't say that I will see the lights in temple square either.
I see travis sometimes, he is living on the floor below me.  
Haha so many questions.  Yes the raincoat came, it fits.  Today was our first real p-day so we did laundry and I go to the temple in like an hour.  The companions and I get along really well.  It is sometimes hard to focus cause we are so similar haha.  But that is a good problem to have compared to others.  I haven't gotten the chance to take a lot of pictures, I just barely took some with the elders that are going to Canada that were rooming with us.  They left on Monday and now me and Eldste Ellsworth have the whole room to ourselves!  It is so sweet.  Our zone got 16 new missionaries yesterday but none of them came to our room.  Sister S is from Orem. 
We got three new new investigators this week.  (Keep in mind when I say investigators I mean that our teachers are playing the role of investigators that they taught in Norway)  We have taught two and we have another lesson tonight.  We also have more tomorrow and Saturday.  The lessons have been pretty rough.  The one we taught last night was absolutely brutal.  The investigators name was Evan, and he is in the military and has pretty much no belief in God.  When I asked him if he thought Heaven was important he asked if I had seen star wars.  I said yes.  He then proceded to ask if I thought the death-star was important.  I said no.  He then asked why; I told him because it isn't real.  He then looked at me and just glared...  I had no idea what to say.  Needless to say the rest of the lesson was quite tough.  I didn't want to try and prove anything by showing him scripture or anything like that so I just told him that I have a testimony of heaven that I know that is where I want to go.
The language has been coming well.  I am struggling with pronuciation still but I learn the vocab and grammar rules pretty quickly!  It makes it really hard to teach when we have only two weeks worth of Norsk under our belts.  I know that we will learn the stuff we need to and have the gift of the spirit to help!
Other than that I have really just enjoyed being here.  I have had lots of opportunities to teach being a district leader and stuff.  We combine with the swedish elders when we have distric meets and what not, so either me or eldste H (the swedish dl) teach.
Other than that I am doing great!
Jeg elske deg! (I love you)
Ha det bra!
Eldste Jones

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