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You are going to have to tell everyone there hei for me!  It was super cool to get to hear from them all!  It really won't be that long till I come home and see them all.  that is so wierd for me to say!  I had a dream last night that I walked through security there in the united states and met all of you there at the airport.  It was super, super wierd. I have felt super awkward all morning because of it...

Anyways, about the last week. We had lots of crazy stuff happen again, so I feel like it has been a pretty average week.

One of the more fun things that this week was that Elder H and I got interviewed by one of the biggest newspapers in Norway!  We had like a 1 hour interview with a reporter on tuesday in preparation for Elder Bednar's visit. The writer is going to focus on the exciting things that have been happening in the church with relation to the missionary age change and the growth of the church around the world. After the interview we got to go out with the reporter and proselyte a little bit.  There was a photographer with him too and so they were taking pictures the whole time.  The photographer said they would send the pictures to us later.  (so I will have some really good pictures for you soon!)

While contacting though we had a really good teaching moment.  we found a person sitting on some stairs and so we stopped and started teaching him.  We showed him the book of mormon and read out of it with him.  He accepted the book of mormon and said he would read and pray about it.  The reporters were really impressed with what we did!  The photographer afterwards looked at us and said, "You just looked like angels as you were talking to him!"  So needless to say I think they were touched by the experience.

Other than that we had two more workshops here in the east. Those meetings went really well.  We worked on planning skills pretty much the whole day.  Elder H and I spent the majority of the time teaching the material.  By the end we were just exhausted.  We will be doing that again except this time we are going to be doing it in Stavanger and Trondheim.  So that should be pretty fun.  

In the middle of the workshops we are going to hike preikestolen as well. I am super pumped about that too!

Our proselyting has been kind of put on hold in our area over the past couple of weeks just because of how much stuff we have had to do, but we had some really good moments out on the street this past week that were just amazing.  We got let into houses and we got to teach people.  I don't think that I will miss anything more than that, the feeling of having taught someone the gospel.

I love learning and growing I am super excited to see what the next week has in store for us.  

Jeg elsker deg så mye!

Din sønn,

Eldste Jones

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