Friday, December 7, 2012


Well I am just finishing up laundry here on p-day.  We go to the temple at 2:20. 

The lessons have been really hard.  Both of our investigators have a strained relationship with god and are not sure they even believe. They haven't even prayed with us yet after 3 lessons each.  Keep in mind that these "investigators" are actually our teachers.  We have three teachers; Brother S, Brother B, and Brother D.  They are all awesome.  We have two classsroom periods a day so we usually see 2 of them a day.  Brother S has been sick the last week or so so we haven't seen him in a while. 

I am still DL.  I will be the whole time. It is really interesting because it is just me and my companion.  We usually combine with the swedish elders and sisters when ever we have to do something though.  So it is like there are two DL's for the 13 of us.  I had to teach the district meeting on Sunday.  I did it on the Christlike attribute of diligence.  It went really well.  It is amazing just how influential diligence is in our lives.  It affects every other Christlike attribute and is the means by which we bring change. 

Eldste E and I don't have any new roommates.  It is so nice having our own room! During gym I usually play 4 square for like 10 minutes and then basketball for 40.  There is a pretty good group of guys that play so the games are fun.

Other than that not a whole lot is going on.  Just the same old stuff, learning teaching and growing.  I have really been focusing on how to listen to the spirit more and follow promptings.  I think before I thought through things to much.  I realize now that any good thought that enters my mind is from good and I should be acting up[on it.  Elder Bednar gave a great devotional on that topic that really got me thinking. 

I love the devotionals and talks that we hear here.  We had Elder Holland on Thanksgiving and we have had a bunch of 70's come through for tuesday night devotionals.  Elder Holland mainly talked about how every prophet up to this dispensation knew they were going to fail, but now in our dispensation we are going to succeed gloriously. 

We are being sent to bring people to Christ!  Its the best work out there!

Laundry is done, so I got to go.  I love you so much! The lord loves you as well!  He will bless you!

Jeg vet at Jesus Kristus er min fresler. 

Jeg elsker deg!

Eldste Jones

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