Monday, June 17, 2013



Well that is way cool to hear all of that about RJ!  It is so weird that he is so close behind me now!  He will be gone out of there in no time! 

Also, the Shirts got here!  They are awesome, they fit super well and are my new favorite shirts. Also I thought I would let you know that I asked some of the other missionaries about getting the suits tailored and they said it would actually cost more than buying a new suit.  So they recommended to just wait to the end of the summer when there are suit sales and just buy one then. Now about my week.

We had the Travelling assistants in town for a couple days.  So we worked with them all day tuesday, they helped us get 12 new potentials that we are now trying to work over into new investigators! One of the travelling A.Ps is actually a native Norwegian as well so he helped a lot with the Language to.  He is from the south though so he has a pretty funny dialect.  Very pretty dialect though.  (natives go to the English mtc) Then the next day we went to Trondheim again, so that meant like 5 hours in travel.  The time in air is only about 2 hours though.  

The time in trondheim was super short, we stayed the night then the next morning we had training.  Then we went back to the airport to go home.  The airport was a mess. Right before we got on the plan the airport fire alarm went off and we got evacuated.  So we all stood out on the Tarmac for about 30 minutes while they cleared the airport.  Not to mention our flight had already been delayed for almost an hour.  So when we got to the bodø airport we literally got off our first plane and ran to the next one and we were the last passengers to get on haha.   So that was a rather fun traveling experience.

Then we spent the rest of our time here in Narvik trying to work, but there was a City festival here for the weekend which meant blaring music throughout the city, marching bands, marathons, bike races the whole nine yards. 

Normally we do some contacting and then a lot of banking at night. So we try and do service but everytime we ask we get shot down.  The norwegians are very private.  But we will keep on trying!

Anyways that is about it for the last week,  I have been impressed over the last couple weeks for the renewed need of focused prayer. I know that as we show the Lord our desires through focused prayer, he will bless us according to those desires!  It is amazing how much He loves us!

I will need some of those prayers as tomorrow I will be taking my Norwegian drivers license test.  So wish me luck!

Jeg elsker deg så mye!

Din sønn
Eldste Jones

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