Monday, June 3, 2013



It is so good to hear from you!  It sounds like things are super busy back at home!  I did get those pictures of prom, they looked like they had fun!  

Now on to Narvik!  I arrived here on Wednesday, we only had time to do about 15 minutes of work before we had to plan for the next day. I had to take 3 different flights to get here, the last of which was on a super small prop. plane.  Those prop planes are mostly how you get around here in north between cities. Then we hit the ground running. On thursday we had an awesome weekly planning session and set some pretty high goals and started working.  We have been doing a lot of banking (knocking), contacting doesn't really work in such a small town.  There is about 27,000 people that live here in Narvik, so it is comparable to Rexburg.  We have several areas that surround Narvik as well that we can go to but they usually take between an hour and four hours to get to. Fun facts, the sun never goes down here, you can see it at any hour of the day unless there are clouds.  Super weird.  

I am in fact not the most nothern area in Norway.  We the third most northern area, Tromsø and Alta are the highest.  Alta being the most northern area in the world for missionaries.

My address is 51 Dronningens gata 51, 8514 Narvik.

Other than those shirts maybe I could get some more deoderant?  The norwegian stuff doesn't cut it.

The branch here has about 6 active members.  That consists of the branch president and his wife and daughter, a elders quorum president and his wife, and then two other members.  We meet in a Red Cross building here in the city.  There is about 45 members in the branch but some live more than 5 hours away and they cannot come to church.  So it is really frustrating for me that we cannot even reach out to all the members that we have to look after because of our boundary limitations.

Our sunday was awesome, the branch president brought a referral to church and we got to teach him afterwards.  He is from china and is here studying electrical engineering.  He speaks pretty good english.  He is also probably our best investigator we have now.  Sunday only had two hours of church though, sunday school and sacrament.  And sacrament was really short because the 6 of us bore pretty short testimonies haha...  That was a funny experience.

We also have about 2 others that are positive in the sense that they were progressing before the area was closed a couple of months ago.  So we hope to get them moving as well.

So ya that is about it for stuff here.  we are being really helped by the Lord here.  He is giving us many many blessings.

We are heading to Trondheim for zone conference tomorrow.  We will be there for most of the week.  So that is exciting as well.

Jeg elsker deg!

Din sønn,
Eldste Jones

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