Monday, July 8, 2013


Heia igjen!

Well, it sounds like you all have had a very busy week, especially Grammy!  95 people, that is outrageous!  Glad things went well though!

Things here have been similarly busy.  We have been hitting the streets pretty hard every day and trying our best to find some people.  

Questions first, no we do not have transfers.  They are not until 27th of August.  There was a six week gap between MTC groups because of space problems there.  So ya not a whole of changes, Elder M and myself will stay here in Narvik.  

Narvik is its own area so it is just me and Elder M here.  Our apartment is nice, probably the nicest I have had in Norway.  It has a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.  Very simple but nice.   

We had an amazing lesson with M at a members home here last week.  We went to the Branch presidents house and watch the biography about Thomas S. Monson.  It was absolutely amazing, the spirit is so strong in members homes, I just love it.  At the end of the lesson M said he was beginning to be convinced that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet.  He once said a similar phrase about the Book of Mormon, which he now believes 100%! So we are very excited to continue meeting with him and trying to get a baptismal date with him soon.

Other than that we had some interesting stuff happen in the last week.  There was a Jehovah's Witness conference here in Narvik last weekend.  So there was about 1000 witnesses here in town.  We had been trying to meet with a family that was Jehovah's witness for about a week when they invited us to come a long.  So we called president and got permission to visit for 30 minutes to watch a play they were doing with this family.  As we got there we were ushered to the very front of the place ( apparently mormon missionaries have special privileges haha).  

The play was interesting, it focused on how we can gain strength from the Bible.  But as it finished and it was time for us to go we had to make the long walk up the aisle to the exit.  Every single head turned as we walked past, they all knew who we were, even though for once in a missionaries life we fit in while wearing suits.  It was a cool experience to say the least. 

All things worked to our advantage as well seeing as we have meet with that family already today!

But anyways that is about it for the week.  That was by far the most exciting thing.  

Jeg elsker deg!

Din sønn
Eldste Jones 

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