Monday, July 1, 2013



Well thanks for all of the updates... everyone is in my prayers!  I love you all!

It is kind of freaky to think that Riley will be a missionary in 2 weeks!  That is just too close!  But it is exciting that is for sure!  

This week here has been rather average here in Narvik... no books being thrown or anything like that.  We hit the streets in the last week again... producing as President Hinkley calls it "meager results."  So that was kind of difficult.  But we had some pretty cool experiences over the last week!

The first cool story comes from Thursday!  We had just finished doing our companionship study when a member called and said he was outside, so we went down to go talk to him.  As we walked out the door we were attacked from behind... by our MTC teacher!  Brother S!  He was here visiting Norway while on Break for the summer, and made a trip to Narvik!  (he served here for a long time and loved it)  So we went with him to visit some of his old friends/investigators/members.  We visited a very elderly women in the hospital that is a member that we haven't been able to visit yet as well as the member that called to surprise us.  So that was way cool!  It was amazing getting to see him and he helped us get some of our MTC fire back! That is always appreciated!

The next story comes from just yesterday.  We went out to a town called Harstad, which is about 1.5-2 hours away.  We actually caught a ride with the catholic priest out there haha.  We had met him on Monday and he said that he was going out there on sunday and offered us a ride.  So we went!  There are several families out there that never get to come to sacrament because it is so far.  So we have to try and make it out to them as often as possible.  The catholic priest is from Germany, he speaks Norwegian as well as german and english.  He has served in Narvik for about 2 years.  He is way cool.  

While contacting and tracting we have met some pretty cool people, unfortunately no new investigators though.  We taught M a couple more times and he seems to be still making progress.  We are going to try and move into gospel of Jesus Christ and make a baptismal commitment coming up here soon.

We of course watched the Work of Salvation here.  It is amazing the move on member missionary work.  We need the members for us to move forward, the time is here.  We in Scandinavia have had 3 conferences over the last 3 months telling us to work on member missionary work.  General conference, the Scandinavian conference, and the Work of Salvation.  So we hope to see it rolling!

But that is about it from here.  Random stuff... we finally got a scale for the apartment, I am down to 220!  So that was pretty cool.  That has been another 15 pounds in the last 6 weeks.  I am going to try and get down to 205 by the end of the transfer.

But anyways, that is about it!  Jeg elsker deg så mye, det er umulig å forstå hvor mye!  Jeg håper at du får vite det.  Ha det godt!

Din sønn,
Eldste Jones

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