Monday, July 22, 2013

Simply put, it was because we listened to the spirit. Got to love being a missionary huh?


Well, I am happy to hear that things are going well for you all!  I am very sorry to hear that Aunt Sandy passed away.  I will keep everyone in my prayers.  

Tell all the girls I say hello!  Also thanks for the money for the suit, it really looks nice, I like it alot!

Things here are going well. First things first, I just found out that I will be leaving narvik next week... President just called and said that he will be calling me as district leader next week.  I am not sure where I am heading but I think it will be next Monday that I leave.  So it is a good thing that package should get here soon then huh!?

The last week has been full of different stuff.  We have still been working hard and we having been seeing some major blessings from the Lord. We had a couple cool experiences on the street this week.  

We were walking on the street and we felt like we needed to take a turn that we normally do not take.  But we took the right turn anyway.  Then as we proceeded on that route we decided that we needed to go left instead of right.... so we did that to.  Finally we came to another crosspoint and felt like we needed to take another left.  This put us going back the way that we normally would be walking.  Not but 5 seconds later we fall in step with this man from Britain and end up having this wonderful conversation with this man.  Something that never would have happened if we had not been in tune with the spirit.  As we continued on that route we ended up meeting another person that we had a great conversation with and invited to church.  And simply put, it was because we listened to the spirit. Got to love being a missionary huh?

We had a couple other small little experiences like that throughout the week, but nothing that makes quite so good a story.  

On Friday we had to wake up early to catch a bus to Tromsø.  The bus left at 5:20a.m.  and got to Tromsø at 9:30.  So that was quite a bus ride.  Then we had zone leader training there and worked with the Tromsø elders for a little before we drove back with the Zone leaders to Narvik in the Tromsø car.  (The Tromsø car was being returned to the south of Norway which meant that select missionaries had to make long car rides to get it down there,  the North zone leaders had a 15 hour leg of the drive)  That car ride was a blast, it was super fun to get to see Elder L again (now my zone leader here in the north, instead of my district leader in Bergen).  The zone leaders stayed here the night and then left Saturday morning.  So needless to say, Friday was shot by travel.  

Church was interesting this week.  The bottom floor of the Red cross building that we use to meet in is being used right now as a fishing shop, so we had the upstairs.  That consists of 2 rooms the size of my bedroom at home.  We had about 10 people there though, so that was nice.  We watched talks from conference as our sacrament talks though, so that was an experience.

One of the people in Church on Sunday was my district leaders father! My district leader is Elder H, and is from Stavanger here in Norway, and is currently serving in Bodø.  His father was on vacation and came to our church for sunday!  So that was kind of funny when I called him that night to give him numbers and told him that I spoken to his father that day...

Other than that it has been a good week.  We worked really hard again and really tried to make some stuff happen.  But I have been learning a ton up here and am really coming to love it!

Jeg elsker deg så mye og jeg ønsker deg en fantastisk uke!

Din sønn,
Eldste Jones

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