Monday, January 13, 2014

Well, somehow my first week here in Oslo has flow by.  It has been incredible how busy we are here! 
I guess it is kind of hard to describe the change in pace from Trondheim here to Oslo but I will try to do it.  So in Trondheim there is not as many members as there are in Oslo, so you are forced to find a lot of the time by yourself.  Here in Oslo we get a ton of help from members and have a ton of stuff to do all the time.  So when I say that we don't have as much time to proselyte I mean we don't have as much time to go out and find by knocking on doors or by contacting on the streets.  It seemed like when I was in Trondheim I had at least 3 or 4 hours of that each day, here we maybe have 1.  So ya, I hope that makes a little more sense, but I will try and describe the week here though!
We visited like 10 members through out the week.  Some of them we had to take boats out to and others trains, and others just the subway or lightrail in the city.  So I have started using a lot more modes of transportation.  I really enjoyed taking the ferry though, it was way nice to see the fjord and actually see the city I am working in from a distance.  The ferry ride wasn't to long though, just like 20 minutes, so it was short lived.
One of the days we had president with us a good portion of the day. Elder B and president had a meeting with Elder C our district leader.  Elder B had been serving as district leader and zone leader for about 6 months and now he is passing off the district leader role to Elder C.  So they had a nice chat while I got to take language study with Elder T.  Then I got to go contacting with President for about an hour.  That was an interesting experience, it was the first time I got to work with President in the field.  It was actually pretty great though and I learned a lot.  Then President, Elder B and myself drove out to an appointment we had.  It was with a woman named H, she is a middle aged Mother to 3 children.  We found her knocking last week so it was our first appointment with her.  It turned out to be a really great teach.  At the end when we invited here to pray she started crying and was very thankful that we had taken time to come talk to her.  We have another appointment with her tomorrow.  So I am excited to hear what she thinks about the whole experience and lesson.
Other than that we had one other crazy experience for the week.  We were asleep on thursday night and it was about oclock in the morning.  The phone starts going off and it was President again.  He tells us that the institute director for Norway was locked into the Institute center with no way out, we were to go and let him out. So we had to get up and get dressed and walk over to the institute center to get him.  We got there and let him out and everything was great.  Waking up the next day wasn't that exciting though.  Needless to say, I was a little tired.
It has been super good to be serving here with Elder B.  I feel like I am learning a ton more than I ever have before. So i guess I have become a much better planner already and I am learning alot more about working with the ward.  The next three weeks will go pretty fast before Elder B gets moved.  

I am glad to hear that everyone thinks Norway is great, I would be the first to say that it is the most beautiful country in the whole world.  So everyone should make a trip out here sometime!  I would totally come back for it.  I can't ever imagine leaving though.  I have started to dream of coming home at night though... those are pretty wierd.  Luckily I have only had like one or two of those dreams though, so I am not thinking about it to much!
Really though things are going really well.  I love my area, and I love being on a mission.  I have learned so much and I hope to keep growing.  I still have a long ways to go!
Jeg elsker deg så mye!
Eldste Jones

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