Monday, January 27, 2014

Yep another week has somehow gone by.  Not quite sure how it works yet haha.  It sounds like things are going equally as fast there at home though, lots of stuff going on and what not!
It was another busy week with a lot of plans, but unfortunately we had a lot of plans fall through as well.  We got to teach both H and C this week.  H is doing really well.  We only got to visit with her for like 15 minutes because she was busy this week but she is still progressing!  She had read a ton in The Book of Mormon and understood so much.  She admitted that she didn't really know Jesus Christ as well as she could and that she really needed to find out who he really is.  So I think she is putting herself in a position where she can really move forward.  She also agreed to talking to her boyfriend and inviting him and the children to learn with us!  So both Elder B and I are way excited about that.  We are trying to organize a dinner with them this week that we can get to know everyone!
C was a bummer this week.  He was super busy with the first week of school and didn't have time to meet.  We invited him to a baptism on Saturday for a little boy in the ward and got to talk to him there though.  He had been talking to his friends and they had told him lots of crazy stuff and so he was really scared to meet with us again.  When we told him it was a baptism he asked of there would be a lot of blood... so I think he thought we were going to a sacrifice or something.  That was kind of awkward.  I guess that is what you get when you have no religious backround at all though. We are hopeful that we can continue working with him and that we can help him to start reading in the Book of Mormon.  Hopefully it all works out!
The other investigators haven't really come to far yet.  Oslo is really busy so it is hard to get people progressing because they do not have a lot of time to meet up.  So WE have meet with the majority of them like 1 or 2 times.  I can't say that we have moved to far with any of then yet.

Other than that we did a lot fo different things this week.  We were in Romerike on Friday on splits with the district leader, we got there the night before and slept there.  So that was pretty fun.  Elder Å is the district leader there and he is from Norway, so it was fun getting to work with him and get some extra norwegian practice in with him!  Elder B worked with his companion all day while I was wiht Elder Å.  We came back that night.  It was just a short 30 minute train ride from Oslo to get there!
I will be sure to tell the Rasmussens thank you for you!  They will be glad to hear it.  They had a really rough week this week with a big YSA activity here in Oslo.  WE had YSA from all over Europe come here for a weekend party, and the Rasmussens kind of were the people heading it.  It was way cool though, I got to see all the YSA from Trondheim and from Bergen and stuff.  So that was a nice treat. Nice to hear some of my dialect again to.  It is getting harder to hold my dialect now because I don't hear it everyday. But I think I can hold it pretty good, at least I hope!
Other than that though it was a lot of meetings with members and work like that.
We have another busy week ahead with a Mission leadership conference, a moves call for next week, and most likely more splits.  So I am trying to cram all of my time in that I can, and learn all I can from Elder B before he leaves.
Wish me luck! Jeg elsker deg!

Eldste Jones

Disney movies and popcorn on a cold Norwegian P-day

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