Monday, January 20, 2014


Yep somehow another week has gone by, and almost the whole month of January.  Next week we will be into february!  That is sweet that so many of the kids in the ward are playing Rugby, I miss that the most being out here on the mission, playing sports! Glad to hear that tay has been on a date, he should do some more of that haha!

This past week has probably been one of the busiest normal weeks of my mission.  I say normal because I didn't have to travel anywhere for anything.  So I was here in Oslo the whole time... and yet super busy the whole time!

I guess I could talk a little but about the people that we are teaching first though.  H is doing great!  We only met with her once this week (a teach that I missed because I was on splits with another missionary) and she seems to be doing absolutely great.  She had read the Book of Mormon and had talked to her family about us.  She seems super open and is accepting everything that we teach her.  President was on the teach with Elder B again and he loved it to!  He seems to be really excited to be teaching her!  So I am just super stoked about how she is making progression and how much she is learning.

Other than that we found this man from Taiwan this week.  His name is Charlie (that is not his real name, he just says that is his name so that people don't butcher his real name).  He came into the institute center the other night wanting to learn norwegian and we introduced him to the gospel (The institute center was that place in the photos from the rasmussens, It actually is a young single adult center too, so people are there all the time.  We teach people there all the time).  He loved being there because the other young single adults talked to him and became his friends.  He feels really lonely here and just wants to have people around him.  So we taught him a lot this week and he has been in the institute center alot to.  He has begun to really progress to and has even began to pray with us.  I really think he will be baptized soon!

Other than that this week has been really busy visiting members and talking to people.  We actually found 6 new investigators this past week, which has been the best I have had since my first week in Narvik!  So I know this place has so much potential and can just explode with success.

I did forget one thing though.  We had zone leader training this week.  It was centered on Miracles.  So to start out Elder B and I built an obstacle course of chairs and tables and such and made Elder N crawl through it.  Then I got to talk about miracles and how we qualify ourselves for them and how we need them to get around the obstacles in missionary work.  It was pretty cool though to get to talk to the zone and get to know so many new missionaries.  I was happy to see some old faces like Elder M, Elder N, and Elder S though.  President and Sister Evans where there as well.

All in all I am doing great!  I love being here and the new challenges that this brings.  I am happy to be learning and growing so much!  I really feel accomplished at the end of each day and am learning how to become a new person.  So life really is sweet here!

Anyways, i think I am going to go sledding now with all of our snow that we got!
So I hope you have a great week!
Jeg elsker deg! 
Eldste Jones

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