Monday, February 10, 2014

Sounds like things are going crazy there at home!  I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that things are going good for everyone!
But anyways, about my week.  It has been super crazy.  We had a lot to do on Monday and Tuesday with Elder B leaving and what not, so those days were a lot of meeting with people and just saying good byes and what not.  But that all came to an end pretty fast because we sent Elder B off on a Train to the airport at about 9 in hte morning and then Elder W arrived a couple minutes later.  So then Elder W and I spent all day babysitting other missionaries and getting them from the train station and then back to it and working with different missionaries around the zone as they came through.  So all in all, Wednesday was definitely a crazy day. I am not looking forward to the next moves day!  That picture was with a new convert and with a less active guy named.  They both had come to say goodbye to Elder B.

The rest of the week was kind of slow.  Elder W and I didn't have a lot set up so we had to do a lot of street contacting and knocking.  It was kind of draining.  We found a lot of people though!  I think by the end of the week we had something crazy like 20 or 25 potentials!  So that was a major blessing from the Lord seeing as not much is going on in our area right now.  We needed some new faces and a new start to get this area going.  That is kind of what the whole zone needed to!  Just a new start!  So it should be a great place to start from now and get stuff rolling!

We didn't see our investigators this week.  C was busy with school and went to Sweden for the weekend.  So we had to just wait and see what we can do later with him.  We did get a chance to visit a different church here in Oslo though.  It was another pentacostal church, like the one I visited in Trondheim.  It was pretty cool, nothing like ours, but none the less a good experience.  We went with guy named V, a guy we have taught once before that Elder W found in Drammen before a came and reffered here.  So yep, that was a ton of fun actually.  I just love getting to know the Norwegian people!  

We tried to knock during the beginning of the olympics and it didn't go to well, people were to busy watching and just sent us on our way.  I don't feel like it is to crazy though.  It is not something that comes up everyday.  But occasionally.  But ya, Norway is pretty much the champ of the winter sports.  The kids here learn to ski when they start to walk, everyone goes out and skis whenever they can, the buses and subways are packed with people that just go to the mountains every weekend to ski and board.  So yep, that makes total sense to me.  As to your other question though, yes, Norwegian people are beautiful.  Sister Webber was right, this place is full of beautiful people. It seems like everyone is just like that to... you definitely notice it.  

This next week we will have to travel to Fredrikstad.  We will have a Zone leader Training there.  That should be pretty fun, we have to do one here in Oslo first though. So those will kind of take up the middle of the week for us.  But other than that we have a lot of people to call and a lot of appointments to make!  So hopefully all goes well!

That is about it though, I can't think of to much of anything else for the moment!
Jeg elsker deg!
Eldste Jones

Mom talking: As an afterthought yesterday, in a separate email I asked Dallin if there were missionaries in Liljehammer, the site of the 1994 Olympics.  This was his reply:

Yep, I was just there actually on splits!  It is a pretty cool place.  It is a part of the Romerike area.

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