Monday, February 17, 2014


Hello again!

Yep, somehow another week has gone by here in Oslo!  It sounds like a
ton of stuff is happening there back at home, especially with the

This past week was definitely hectic with the zone leader trainings
and what not, but has turned out really good!  We had a great splits
out in Fredrikstad and had a great meeting there to! I really like the
place.  It is only like 1 hour away by train and happens to be a
pretty cool city.  Elder W spent 6 months there so he was way
happy to get to go back and visit.  All in all, it was an awesome

The meeting here in Oslo went well too. I got to see both Elder J
and Elder N, both my sons!  After moves they both got moved here
to the east, along with Elder S.  So it was like a big reunion.

Otherwise things have been super busy.  We have been calling people
left and right and getting a lot of our potentials to meet with us.
We taught a lot last week, which was pretty sweet!

It was C's birthday on Friday so we came and ate dinner here with
him here in the center.  Sister Rasmussen made some awesome chicken
alfredo, it was so good!  Her cooking might be making me gain a couple
pounds!  That is okay though cause Elder W and I have started to
run again.  The weather has been getting a lot better making it
possible to get out and run! The sun has been coming out more and more

You asked about school and stuff like that.... I have no idea.  I am
not sure if I will transfer or if I will be staying at BYUi.  I know
that the application has opened up for transfers and stuff.  I just
haven't made up my mind yet.  

That is about it!  Things are going great here, loving it!

Jeg elsker deg!

Eldste Jones

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