Monday, February 3, 2014


Well things sound pretty crazy at home.  That was cool to get your email and to hear that the fast is working so fast!  You guys can always have the rain that we have here, there is way to much!

Things here have once again been super crazy!  We had a lot happen in the last week. 

On thursday we had MLC again, that was pretty nuts.  We found out that there would be two new zone leaders and that two of the zone leaders would be released.  So Elder B  (my ZL comp) and Elder L (from another zone) are both getting released now.  Elder B will be travelling to Bergen on Wednesday and I will be staying here.  As a part of the transfers I will have Elder W serving with me here in Oslo as ZL!  Elder W is actually an elder from Irvine, California!  So he is super close to home.  I was way pumped to hear his name, it should be fun getting to know him.  He was friends with Shane and all of the kids that went to Provo from before the mission.  So that was a big surprise.  Also as part of the transfers we will lose a couple other people in the district.  Sister P and Elder T will also be leaving.

But yep... that was probably the biggest news!  Other than that we had another big week here in Oslo.  Lots of teaches and lots of stress trying to get people to progress.  Not with much luck yet.  We taught C a couple more times and we taught some other people to.  Finally C came to church though!  That was a big success.  Unfortunately he left right after the sacrament because he was hungry... so he went to the kitchen and ate his sack lunch while we had testimony meeting.  So it is kind of hard with him right now!  But I think that things will start to get easier because we got a man that speaks chinese here in the ward as well that will be able to teach him with us.  So he should understand a lot more here soon!

We just finished ice skating as our p-day today!  it was pretty fun, the weather finally cleared up and I saw the sun for the first time in about a month!  That was a really big blessing!  It has been a long month with a lot of work and a lot of things to do.  The sun not being there has made it seem forever longer!  It has been weird but it has literally snowed for the past month... so the sun was so welcome!

The sisters took pictures while we were skating so I will have to forward them to you!

Anyways, things are going well.  I am excited to be here in Oslo and get the chance to learn and grow!  I hope that this next transfer is just as successful as this one!

Jeg elsker deg så mye!

Eldste Jones

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