Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey I have no time to write today!  I will write something tomorrow morning during personal study.  I love you!

Note from Mom:  I was happily surprised when the following email showed up several hours later!!  What a wonderful surprise,  but I have to admit I was kind of looking forward to a letter tomorrow!!

Okay well, we have had some appointments cancel tonight so now I have time to write.  I am sure it won't be a lot though...

But ya this last week was insanely busy.  Yet again.  

I got to go BERGEN.  To be honest I didn't think to much about it till I got into Bergen.  But when we started flying over the fjord there I started to lose it.  I love Bergen!  It was an awesome day to get to be with the missionaries there and help everyone out.  We had an awesome meeting and I got to see a little bit of the town!  It was super cool.  I can't wait to go back for the Dyches conference in a couple weeks!

The conference in Stavanger was pretty sweet to.  But after both meetings Elder Wh and I were both whipped.  So we got back at 10:45 on Thursday night and just died.  We woke up the next day and just had even more to do though so we kept going.

We taught a ton of people throughout the week.  We taught our Brazilian family again.  We found out that the mother has breast cancer.  She was diagnosed 2 weeks ago, right before they went on vacation. But they told us our first lesson when they were back.  It was a super powerful lesson in which the spirit was so strong!  We testified that Jesus Christ was there to help us and that the things that we experience in life are actually gifts from our Heavenly Father.  They loved it.  We were able to go back and give a blessing later in the week.  They loved that to.  She is going to be having surgery on Thursday so we hope that everything goes well.  Keep her in your prayers.

Other than that we had more awesome teaches with J.  He is doing great.  He made us a full Salmon dinner and then we taught him.  It was unbelievable.  We had our new Ward mission leader with us on the teach and things just went super well.  He was sick unfortunately on Sunday so he couldn't come to church, but he was reading and praying.  So things are just progressing super well with him!

We also got to teach Jon Axel!  We got a baptismal date with him to! We have worked so hard with him over the past month while his family has been in the Philippines and the day after they got home we went over to teach and got a date with him.  It was a way intense lesson though.  We asked him to be baptized like 5 times before we realized that we just had to ask him to prepare for a specific date in the future.  He then agreed.  The spirit was definitely guiding us there as well.  It was amazing!

We met with L as well, he is doing good.  His progression is a little bit slower even though he is reading so much.  He has had a lot of bad things happen in his life and it is really hard for him to understand it all.  So we are going to have to be really patient with him.

Other than that we had to plan for moves that is happening this week.  We did that till about 1 last night.  But everything is seeming to work.  So life is good.

So yep that was my week.  I think that is all I have time to write right now, so till next week, when I hopefully have more time.  

Jeg elsker deg!

Din sønn,

Eldste Jones

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