Monday, July 14, 2014



Well, yep.  Somehow another week has flow by.  It seems to get faster every week!

This past one we added a couple more flights to the tally.  I think I have now flown around 56 times here in Norway.  By the end of the coming week I will be just short of 60.  That being said, we were in Trondheim this last week.  It was a beautiful day, well actually it wasn't.  There was a lot of thunder and lightning there.  I don't think I have ever been so close to it before... we were out contacting and the thunder came within 1 second of the blinding flash of lightning.  So that was an experience.  Then it started dumping rain.  Another experience.

The workshops that we did have been super good though.  The missionaries have been super responsive and have learned a lot.  We are getting a lot of good feedback on it.  We have two more of them to do this week.  We travel to Stavanger first on Wednesday and then we get to go back to Bergen!!!  I am so excited to go back!  First time in what has been over a year.  It should be pretty sweet.

The rest of the week has been insanely busy.  We had lots of miracles that came down in our proselyting area again.  We got a referral from the bishop that was just Golden.  He is a 36 year old norwegian guy.  He saw a lot of Mormon tabernacle choir and got interested.  He emailed the bishop who then emailed us.  We called him and the first thing he said was "I am thinking about joining your church!"  No one says that!  Anyways we had a great lesson with him on Saturday and invited him to Pres. and Sis. Evan's house for dinner Sunday.  He even came to all three hours of Church in a white shirt and tie!  The man is about as gold as you get.  He has set a date for the 30. August.  It should be great.

Other than that we had some really spiritual lessons with Jon-Axel and Leif Husby, our other two Norwegian men.  They both came to church as well.  All together we had 4 Norwegian men come to church!  That was a miracle, probably the biggest one I have seen in a while.  The last man that came was a Norwegian guy that married a member from Arizona.  The member is inactive though.  So it was a huge miracle that they came.  

There is so much happening and so much that needs to happen in the next couple weeks.  We have moves next week. Elder Wh and Elder W go home next Thursday.  We have 10 (5 elders, 5 sisters) coming in July, we have 1 elder in september, and then we have 15 (4 elders, 11 sisters) coming in october, and then some more in november.  So we have a lot of transfers to plan.  

Sorry about not taking pictures... I really just don't ever think about it.  I think Elder Wh took some of the farm but we should be going out there next week, so maybe we will take some then.  We will be back in Bergen, there is always pictures to be taken there!  

Anyways, this is Elder Wh last real p-day.  We are going to try and get out of the office and do some stuff for him today.

Jeg elsker deg så mye!


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