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Well that was a lot of questions... I will try and answer them all haha. I have been thinking a lot about this whole thing and I am sure that I want go to law school afterward but I want to do the undergraduate that will give me the most diversity. I have considered taking things such as business or finance so that I could be more marketable as an attorney afterward. But I think that if I were to choose a major like that I would need to know what my career would be so that I could specialize in that field before hand. So I think that it is best that I stick to English.  That being said I might choose later to have a minor in something like finance or business later on once I have a better idea of what my career is going to be. As far as fun classes I think it would be cool to take a swing dancing class or maybe a tennis class or maybe even a class like lifesaving.  As far as the timing of the schedule goes I think I just want it to be consistent.  Ideal would be classes that start a 9 or so everyday and are over in the early afternoon.  That way I could just do school everyday and then work everyday and have a set time for studies and social time.  I have learned that I like routine on my mission.  I hope that is enough to give you a better idea.  I would like to be able to work out in the mornings before I get to school.  I don't want to have to wake up before 6 though.  So the earliest class could be like 8... If it has to be earlier that's cool.  I am really good for whatever you can get :) you are the best! (Mom note: I was asking him questions because I need to register him for classes tonight.)

The temple would be sweet on Saturday.  It would be way cool to get in a session before I get released... Let's plan on that.

So yep I think that is everything.  Let me know if I missed anything... I hope that I didn't. 

This past week has been super fun.  We had a ton of miracles! We visited Bergen and kristiansund and kristiansand as well as stavanger.  I can't really even describe how fun it has been.  I have been so blessed.  Monday's are becoming really stressful though... I don't have time to think about all this other stuff and then I get in to the office and I have to make a decision right then.  O well, that's just how it is.  

We had a ton of miracles happen in Bergen actually.  It was the coolest place to go on splits to.   I got to see all of the old members there and get to see some of my old investigators.  I actually got to see yelitza while I was there and go to teach her.  It was serious déjà vu. 

Anyways, thanks again for all of the stuff that you are doing for me! You are awesome! I couldn't have done it by myself.  You seriously are the best! I am super excited to see you! 

This next week will be my last full week and we have a packed schedule.  We are going to Trondheim and Tromso and Alta.  We also have zone conference tomorrow where we have to give our last testimony to the mission.  That will be really strange... Not too excited about that.  So this is the week where we start doing the last of things...

Anyways, I love you tons! Let me know know if I can do anything else or if you have other questions.

Jeg elsker deg! 

Eldste Jones 

Mom:   Did you get to see the Berg's while you were in Bergen?  How much do you weigh now? Have you grown any?

Dallin:  yep :) it was super awesome to see them!  I stayed at their house and was at church on sunday. I got to be with J a ton too.  A ton of people remembered me as well, which was a surprise cause i was there as a greenie.

I was late with emails today because I woke up in Bergen, flew to Oslo, debriefed president on all of our travels, spent a whole ton of time on the next transfer with him and then started freaking out about how many emails i had.... haha.   It was quite a day.

We still have to go wash laundry for the next week and throw away all of our stuff we are not taking with us and check out of norway and all of that stuff... so I acutally have to get going here soon too.

You have done a ton for me though!  thank you so much!

I weigh 195.  Still the same height.  No growth spurt unfortunately, haha.  (Mom note: That means a total of 75 pounds lost on his mission!)

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