Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hey there!
So I just finished lunch and I am writing you before I got to the temple.
To answer your question about gym, everything is going great.   I play basketball everyday.  I have noticed that my knees are sore but its nothing bad.  It is not nearly as bad as it was during football.  Other than that I haven't really been sick, but I have had a runny nose for like the past week or so.
We had an elder that had to go home last week from one of the english districts in our branch.  He had problems from anxiety and what not though.  Other than that we are all holding up pretty well.  We are all loving the work and growing really close.  It has been a real blessing to be with the swedish elders and sisters as well, they were the other people in those pictures I sent you.  We might as well be one district here.
Visa's as it turns out, are no longer required for norway, just a work permit.  We went in today actually and signed it and they are sending them over to Norway soon.  So that is a big relief.  Still don't know about travel plans or anything like that.
Our teachers are portraying people that they had to teach in Norway.  So yes they are typical investigators.  However, it seems like Brother D really likes choosing the hardest investigators he had... haha.  It makes for interesting experiences.  We had to go "contacting" the other day.  Basically we walked oround the MTC and our teachers pretended to be people on the street.  We had to stop them and talk them and try to set up appointments.  Definitely made for a fun time!  I can't wait to actually do that in Norway.
Other than that I have just really focusing on being focused haha.  The MTC is a distracting place, but when you are focused you just learn so much!  I have also really studied charity and faith.  I believe that if I can have these two qualities I can really do something great in Norway, and I expect to.  The Lord has not sent us to fail, if I am a representative of Jesus Christ I should have the same affect as if Christ himself was serving in Norway for 2 years. This is what I am called to do, this is what I should expect.  If I humbly submit my will to the Lord's I will do the things he would do.
I know that my savior lives, that he died for me.  I know that this is his Gospel and through the atonement I can do everything.  It really makes sense that through the atonement we are everything and without it we are nothing.  Just some food for thought.
Jeg elsker deg!
Eldste Jones

Dallin sent these pictures with no explanation or information. From what I can tell the Sister in the orange shirt and the yellow sweater in the picture right below this is the  sister in his tri-panionship, also going to Norway.  The other sister must be one of the sisters going to Sweden.  The bottom picture is of the 12 Days of Christmas bags that my mom and I sent to Dallin (and his companions).  I was hoping that they would arrive in time for Day 1 which is today!  I'm so glad he took this picture for me!!!

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