Monday, January 28, 2013


Hey there family!  

It is the first Monday here in the land.  I am writing from the Church here in Bergen.  It is about one here in Norway.

Things have been really awesome here.  We got here on Tuesday at about 8 o clock and went straight to the mission home.  We had a great dinner there and then went to bed.  On Wednesday we were allowed to sleep in and then we went and had an orientation in the mission home.  We then went and did some contacting in Oslo.  We went with the A.P.s. It was super fun and we talked to a lot of people.  Then we went and had a really nice dinner at the mission home and had an evening testimony meeting and interviews.  The next day we went to the airport and went to our areas!  

We arrived in Bergen at about 11:30 and then we went and got a bus pass and then we had a dinner appointment and some contacting.  We had weekly planning on Saturday too.

We did some more contacting the rest of the week and some door knocking.  The area is really interesting.  We have about 100 active members and then about 400 inactives.  We have one investigator right now, he has a baptismal date on February 16. Bergen has been pretty cool.  Apparently all of the elders and sisters want to come here so I guess I am pretty lucky!  It has been pretty easy on temperature here and yes it rains a lot from what I am told.  But since I have got here it has been snowing the whole time.  One of my comps from the MTC is serving in Bergen with me, one stayed in Oslo.  Both the coats work really well, so that is good as well. 

I am so pumped to finally be here!  It is really hard to understand the dailect here, but I think I am getting better at it.  I had to talk in Church and give my testimony på norsk, I thought it went pretty well.  A lot of the members said I spoke pretty well.

So things are looking good on that front.  

My companion is from the States.  He is a stud!  He played basketball, baseball, and football in high school.  He has been out on the mission for just over year now.  We are getting along really well and set some pretty good goals down.  I think this is going to be a really good transfer and I will learn a lot from him.  So that is awesome.

Both letters and packages go to our address. So here it is

Our address here in Bergen is 

Eldste Dallin Jones
Rieber-Mohns Vei 33
5231 Bergen

Other than that things are going great!  I am so happy to be serving the Lord and finally serving the people of Norway.  They really are awesome here.  Which reminds me, we are staying in the basement of a members home.  The Dad is a counselor  so he is usually traveling on Sundays but the family is awesome.  Our apartment is nice.  I can send pictures some time.

I vært fal, Jeg elsker deg. Vi snakkes.

Eldste Jones

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