Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hei Sann!
Well its been another week here in the MTC.  Not a whole of News though.  We only have 10 days left here though!  I am so pumped to be leaving!  It looks like we should get our travel plans either the end of today or tomorrow, so we should know with a day what the plane ride is going to be like.
One of our "investigators" has his baptismal service on Saturday!!!  I am so pumped!  I don't think that we will do anything real special but this means that we get to reteach the lessons to him again!  I am really excited for that, weird what I am getting excited for these days haha!
Other than that it has been kind of an interesting week.  The sickness has finally hit us and Sister S has been out for a couple of days with a Cold.  It actually feels kind of weird teaching with only one other person!  We have gotten so used to teaching with the Three of us that it has really been a change to switch to only two people for a day.
I don't really know what else to report on.  We have begun to start doing the packing stuff to get ready for Norge. I really liked the boots you sent!  It looks like they should be pretty good for Norway.  I have to start wearing them around to break them in soon. 
On tuesday we had a really good devotional on Setting goals and the importance of planning as a missionary.  To sum it up in preach my gospel it says something like, "If you lower your expectations your effectiveness as a missionary will decrease."  That has seemed like the common thread that has been playing throughout the week.  The other thing that I really liked about the devotional was the emphasis on planning.  If you set a really high goal then you must plan to make it happen.  You cannot just assume it is going to happen. Probably the last thing we talked about was Charity, and how it has to be the driving force behind any goal we take as a missionary.  I think that is totally true.  When you recognize why you are out here then you recognize the true mission you are on.  He said to help build Charity you must work on repentance.  If we are truly repentant then we would become more charitable in our lives which would in turn lead to the desire to share the Gospel.
Anyways that was just a short spiritual though for the day.

Jeg elsker deg,
Eldste Jones

[I was able to have a short conversation with Dallin and ask him about how crowded the MTC was getting and if there were new Norwegian missionaries among other things. Part of his response is below]

Yeah things are definitely crowded.  We don't get more Norwegians till after we leave.  But the group after us has 15!!! The swedish group gets 35!  they only have 10 here right now!  So things are getting a lot more crowded.  Definitely a good thing though.

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