Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hey Mom,
I just logged off this the morning so that I could email right now.  So I have plenty of time to write!!!  The sweater is pretty nice, I like to have some color back in the wadrobe.  The elder was Swedish that took it.  It is so wierd being so close to the swedish elders because I feel like I am going to the same mission as them.  We pretty much spend every waking second with them and are pretty much speaking the same language so it feels like we are at least.
We don't have travel plans yet.  We should get them next Thursday.  I feel like I am getting pretty good at the language.  There is an Elder from Norway here that comes into our class on Tuesdays to get a little taste of home and he says he can understand me... so thats good. He speaks in a wierd Dialect of Norwegian though so I have hard time understanding him when he uses the Dialect.  If people are speaking Bokmal though I can usually understand them pretty well.  Something tells me that I am going to get sent to some superhard dialect my first area...  I hope not haha.  The companions are both doing really well.  Eldste E is a stud as always.  Although he has been really cold the past week so I think he is in for a surprise in Norway! 

I am not sure about other stuff that has gone on.  We have had a small epidemic here in the MTC though.  There has been a Stomach Flu bug that has been going around, it causes people to have vomiting and diarrhea.  There have been several kids that have had to go to the ER because of Dehydration.  It hasn't hit our zone too bad though.  We only had about 2 kids get it of the 40 of us.  Other zones it took out like 30 of the 40...  so that has been a fun little side note this week.
Other than that we got another investigator to work with from our teachers.  We finally have Brother S back to teach us, he has been on vacation for several weeks.  So he gave us another investigator.  We have had several lessons with him that have all gone well. 
So thats about it.  You were right, New years came and passed without much celebration.  Your Christmas presents have been quite a hit. We have gotten ourselves lost in all of those wood puzzles.
Anyways, Jeg elsker deg!
Eldste Jones

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