Thursday, January 17, 2013

"There might be a time when missionary work will be more exciting, but I would have no idea when that time would be!" - President Holland

This past week has been really good, I have seen a lot of things taking off in the teaching experiences that we have had. I am really getting excited to leave and get out and teach people. So it is going really well. Also we got to hear from President Holland again!!!

He came for a Tuesday Night devotional and spoke to us, then he rededicated three of the buildings here on the MTC campus after renovation, One of which I am living in! It was funny his talk was much the same talk we heard him give at thanksgiving and mirrored the same subject that we have heard here in the MTC many times over. He focused on now is the time where this church and missionary work will find success. He said "There might be time where missionary work will be more exciting, but I would have no idea when that would be!" He shared how proud he was of us and talked about how great we are. To be a missionary during this amazing time of missionary work is simply astounding. Basically, somehow we worked ourselves into a line of people that all wanted to be missionaries at this day and in this year, and now we are here.

I am so excited for this work, I know that great things are in store for me. In another one of our devotionals it was said that we should have higher goals then our Mission Presidents and in Preach My Gospel it says that when we lower our expectations our effectiveness will decrease. I know that things will be really hard in Norway, I know the situation that I am going into, But I also know that I was not called to bring a few souls unto salvation. I was called to bring many souls to salvation. I cannot imagine that Christ would be satisfied with a few souls, so I shouldn't either. Ultimately it is not in my hands, I mean look at Noah. He preached all of his days (he being a much greater man than myself) and didn't bring a single person onto the boat with him other than his family. This however doesn't mean that I shouldn't expect great success.

I am so excited to go and serve, and strangely enough I am excited to struggle. I know that before I find success I will have to struggle alot, but I guess that is what a mission is about!

Anyways I will talk to you on Monday. I am buying a phone card and should call in the airport.

Jeg elsker deg!

[Based on concern about copyrighted emails from missionaries, I asked Dallin if it was okay to post his emails to the blog - below is his response]

It is fine with me if you post them to the blog and just change names. 

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