Monday, May 6, 2013



Det er godt å høre at du forstår meg!  Haha I am glad to hear that things are going well at home too!

The new apartment is okay.  It is definitely bigger than the last one and has a lot more space and room but it is just not the same without the family.  I am so sad that I had to leave that family, they truely were awesome.  The trio is going well.  We are staying super busy and have a lot going on.  We had our baptism on Saturday so that was awesome.  I was super jealous that I didn't get the chance to teach the man that got baptized.  He was super prepared and just had a super strong testimony.  But it was a great way to start our transfer as a threesome!

D and Y are both doing great.  Yelitza is back from spain now and has begun work.  So things are starting to be a little busy for them.  But as far as their teaching goes they are still making progress, so it is awesome being a part of it.  My comps' other investigators aren't really progressing.  But we are hoping to work with the family of the man that just got baptized on Saturday.

It has been raining a ton in the last week, I was soaked head to to the other day as we came inside from contacting.  It was pretty great!  We have a presentation that we are doing for a school class on Wednesday that I am really excited for!  

As far as Mother day goes I am probably going to skype we will be skyping from the family's home, so that should be pretty fun. 

Other than that things are going well here.  We are going to have a busy couple weeks going on til transfers in 3 weeks. Time is really flying here, it feels so wierd!

Anyways I have some pictures for you so I will send those after this!

Jeg elsker deg så mye, jeg håper dere ha det bra og vi snakkes på Søndag!

Din sønn
Eldste Jones

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