Monday, April 29, 2013


Hei hei!

Well that takes the fun out of my email... yes I am in a threesome. The other two Elders here in Bergen right now, will be my new companions.  So we will combine our two areas and the three of us will be the bergen elders. I will be leaving the family's home and moving in with the new elders on thursday.  they live in an apartment near to the church as well.  So it should be an interesting month with the three of us in that apartment.  I am definitely excited for it.  The other Elders have a baptism this week so techinically I will have a baptism this week as well!  That is pretty cool!

But I was glad to hear that all is well at home.  It is cool to hear that Darcie is home, that is so wierd but it felt like that whole generation was already of their missions.  I guess we did overlap for a bit though haha.

I haven't taken any pictures since last week so I don't really have a lot to give to you... but I will see if I can get some soon and get them to you.  You asked if my clothes fit... yes for the most part.  My pants are all pretty big but I just tighten down my belt and it works.  

The weather here has been like you have seen; rain, rain and more rain.  It was sunny for the baptism Saturday though, so we had refreshments outside. I am super happy with this rain jacket that I bought here.  It keeps me totally dry.  The shoes have been holding up really well too, so no problems there.

Other than that, things have been going good. Y finally came home.  Although we haven't seen her yet.  She got back Saturday night, super late.  So we get to teach them both before my comp leaves. We have been teaching D the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Book of Mormon.  We have shared the stories of Enos, Brother of Jared, the Stripling warriors and a couple others.  We focus on a different portion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ each time.  So I am way pumped for that.  We had a lot of time on the street last week, so there really isn't much to report other than what I have said.  

Anyways we are making Taco Pizza's for P-day today. So I have to run.

Jeg elsker deg så mye! Jeg kan ikke vente til snakke med dere på Mors dag!

Din sønn,
Eldste Jones

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