Monday, August 19, 2013


Dang!  I am super jealous about the trip, it sounds super nice!  I am excited for the next trip I can come on with everyone!

As far as the new assignment, it starts on Wednesday!  I will be Zone leader with elder L but serving in a Companionship with my new companion Elder N who will be coming into the land on Tuesday.  So I will also be training him as well as serving as district leader.  So yeah lots of different stuff going on with this next little bit.  

This week has been way busy!  I went to Oslo and Mo i Rana!  So lots of travel.  I think that I spent like 2000 Kroner this week in travel, excluding my actual plane tickets... so ya it has been a crazy week.

Oslo was amazing, we had two meetings for training.  We had a training for trainers and then Mission leadership training.  Both were amazing, I really loved it and getting to hear more from president.

The things here in Trondheim have really picked up.  We actually got a baptismal date!  We taught him once last week and then once this week. .\  Both of our teaches with him were simple, but between them he read and prayed and found out that the Book of Mormon is true!  He has a baptismal date for September 7th.

Other than we went to Mo i Rana for a baptism.  That was way fun, we baptized the man in a Fjord, it was pretty cool.  Then Elder L and I took a 7 hour train ride back to Trondheim, that was absolutely a blast.  Except for the part where we were accused of planning to hijack the train!

This girl was sitting there and heard us talking in English and couldn't understand what we were talking about.  So she thought we were planning to hijack the train, so to make a long story short we were escorted to the front to face our accuser and had to sort everything out.  it was really awkward and embarrassing.  After that elder L and I decided to start speaking Norwegian just to be safe.

It was a good week filled with good experiences, lots of stuff that is now starting to happening in the work.  I think that Trondheim and the North zone is about to explode!

But that is about it for the last week.

Jeg elsker deg!

Eldste Jones

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