Monday, August 12, 2013

I just love those moments when we know that we are doing what the Lord wants us to!

Yes mom, I got the hint!  Unfortunately I haven't really had a chance to take any pictures quite yet.  It has been a very busy little bit of time.  I will try and take a couple today with Elder A and send them to you a little later.  We all just went and got haircuts so we should be looking pretty good!  I also managed to hit 205 today!  So things are still going well in that department!
Other than that I guess I can answer your questions.  Our apartment here is by far the nicest apartment in Norway that I have been to.  We actually live with the Zone Leaders who work here in Trondheim as well.  We have two floors, a bedroom downstairs and then a giant loft area/bedroom upstairs (that is where elder A and I sleep) and then a huge kitchen and then 2 rooms for studies.  So needless to say our place is huge!  It is way nice though because we have these nice curtains that block out all the light (Not that that is really needed anymore since it is getting to be dark again. We are losing 6 minutes of light a day here). So that is all great!
We are two of the 8 missionaries here in Trondheim.  So there is a huge missionary force here in Trondheim.  Unfortunately when Elder A and myself arrived we had absolutely nothing going on.  So these past two weeks have been rough.  We have been trying to find everyone we can with not much avail.  So we will continue to work and try and find those that are ready for us.  Luckily for us the sisters are really killing it here.  They are all having great success and are really making stuff happen.  So that makes my job pretty easy as district leader when everyone else is already amazing! 
We had a pretty cool experience though over the past week.  Last sunday on the way to Church we met this woman named M on the way to church.  She was from mexico and was actually on the way to church herself!  We talked to her and found out that she had spoken to missionaries before and wanted to speak again so we got her number and said we would call here later in the week.  So on Wednesday we did that.  We got an appointment but we didn't have a member to be with us which was something we needed because we cannot teach a single woman.  So we invited the sisters along, who actually were struggling after their hard week the week before.  They were able to be there and take part.  About 5 minutes into the teach elder A felt the impression to go check a man who was sitting out in the hall.  We went out and he was standing there waiting for us, he wanted us to give him a blessing.  We asked to sisters to continue teaching and we went to give this man a blessing.  As we finished we were sitting there and we felt the impression to just let the sisters have the investigator.  That was a little hard because we didn't really have anyone but we went ahead and let them have her and we just left and started working again. 
About an hour later we saw M on the Street.  She said that she had to say thank you to us for introducing us to those girls.  She told us that 'They explained everything so clearly, like no one has ever done before!'  So it was an amazing testimony to us that we had been really guided by the spirit to choose the sisters as our companions for the teach and then have the courage to do what was necessary for those we serve!
I just love those moments when we know that we are doing what the Lord wants us to! 
I know this work is true and that we are being guided by the Lord every second of the day if we just listen to the small things!
Jeg elsker deg så mye moren min!
Din sønn,
Eldste Jones

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