Monday, August 5, 2013

I am back to a good size ward, we have about 80 in sacrament meeting!

Well,  first full week here in trondheim!  Things have been pretty crazy.  I am super glad to hear that things are going well there. It sounds like things are so busy there.  I hope that things are going well with Mimi and everything else!
To answer your questions... yes I got the package.  I am right between the two sizes of pants so right now they all fit... 
The address is Olav tryggvassons gata 30,  7011 Trondheim

Traveling here was pretty good.  I just hopped on a flight and then came on down.  We had a small lay-over in Bodø.  

Things have been a lot different here.  I am back to a good size ward, we have about 80 in sacrament meeting!   We probably have about 150 to 200 on paper.  So that is pretty good.  It is definitely a change from being in Narvik. 
We didn't come into any investigators here so the last week has been just trying to find people again just like we did in Narvik.  So we hope to pick up some people in the next week.  it was kind of a hard week though just because we didn't really find anyone.
The district is doing good though, we have 6 sisters here.  They are all doing great, super young though.  We also have Elder L as my Zone Leader with Elder E as well. I was able to do a my first district meeting last tuesday and that actually went pretty well. 
My Sunday was pretty ridiculous.  We had a member from France that came in and attended our sacrament meeting.  He spoke some pretty horrible english.  He wanted me to translate for him though... so I ended up doing that in Sunday school.  As we went into sacrament meeting I sat next to him.  Being that it was fast sunday he decided that he wanted to bear his testimony.  He turns to me and asks if I will translate to Norwegian for me.  I said sure.  We go up and starts in on telling this really convoluded story about being in paris and traveling and about he almost got hit by a train.  Essentially it was the most broken english I have heard and I was entrusted to translate it to coherrent norwegian.  Needless to say I think I failed.  I think I might have completely destroyed all confidence that the members had in my Norwegian skills... luckily I had to the chance to change that with my own testimony a little later.
Things are crazy but I am really enjoying all the stuff that it going on here.  I love being a district leader and taking care of other people and helping them be better!  It really is awesome!
Jeg elsker deg!
Eldste Jones

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