Monday, September 30, 2013


Heia ,
It sounds like things at home were really exciting! I can't believe that colton is now 14! That is such a foreign thought for me right now haha, let alone the fact that he is in high school!  It is also a foreign thought to be thinking that I will no longer be a teenager next time I will be writing!  Things just never stop...
But yes, I did get that package!  Thank you so much!  The shirts fit and the zone really appreciated the reeses!  (When I say the zone I mean the elders in the apartment that devoured them haha) It was great thank you so much!

This past week has been pretty good, things have really begun to change in the mission.  I had the opportunity to go to Oslo again for a mission leadership council.  So that meant that I got to see all of the zone leaders and president and the a.p.s again.  So that was just a crazy experience in and of itself.
I guess the wierd part was that it might have been the last time that I would see elder davidson before he leaves for home!  It was the last time that I saw a couple of the other guys that will be leaving the mission here this week.  So I felt like it was the meeting were everyone was leaving and I somehow became a old guy here in the mission.  I also realized that after this next transfer I will be one year out on my mission.  So that is just absolutely ridiculous. 
We also had transfer calls on Sunday here.  All of the elders will be staying here in Trondheim and we will only be losing Sister H.  We have sister Bradley coming to trondheim instead.  So there wasn't any super exciting news from that moves call. 
As part of sister H leaving Elder L, Sisters H, H and I all sang in Church. We sang Lead Lindly Light.  It actually turned out really good and it was a good experience. They were going to have me play the viola for it but we decided that it would just be easier to sing with them instead.  I got the chance to play the viola the other day though when a girl in the ward was playing hers here in the church.  So that was pretty fun.
Things are still going great with the district and our goals and what not. We are having a really going well with that stuff.  I still love being able to help the other missionaries and the things they are going through.  It is so cool to see the Lord help you when you are trying to help others, I don't know if I have ever received so much inspiration as I do when I am helping others.  It is definitely a really cool experience.
Anyways, there is not a whole lot else.
Jeg elsker deg!
Eldste Jones

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