Monday, September 9, 2013

It was amazing though to feel the spirit at the baptism, it was just a testimony to me that the things that I am doing everyday really do bring happiness into our lives.

Things are going so great here! S WAS BAPTIZED!
So ya i just thought I would start with that!  There is a lot of god news though, so it might be a long email!
First things first, We had zone leader training on Tuesday, which was my first meeting as a zone leader. It went really well, unfortunately we had some mishaps with the planes as people tried to fly in that day, one of the planes hit a bird and was grounded for a while so the Narvik companionship only came for like the last hour of the meeting.  But all in all it was pretty sweet!
Next I went on splits to Alta!  So I was officially the most northern missionary in the world for a day!  I left on Wednesday afternoon and then came back Friday morning.  that meand that I have now taken 30 flights on my mission!  That was a really fun experience, I was there with Elder H.  He is a stud and I really learned a lot from him.  The Elders there actually stay with some members on there Farm, so that was a pretty cool experience as well.  One of the members is named Geir, he has sort of a mental handicap so he on has the mental capacity of an 8 year old, but he loves the missionaries.  So on thursday night before I left we had a little disco with him.  That is like his favorite thing to do.  By disco I mean we had a sing and dance a long with him.  He made some songs up and recorded them, so all the missionaries that go there have to learn the songs and do them with him.  It might sound really wierd, which it was, but it was a blast haha!
Next piece of good news!  I got Elder N!  He arrived here in Norway on Wednesday and then came to Trondheim on Friday!  So I was way pumped for that!  The best part was that Elder A got to stay here for the baptism and preform the baptism! So both of the Elders got to see the baptism on Saturday!
Now to the baptism!  I have pictures, but sister H has them, so I have to have her send them to me then I can forward them!  But ya, it went great. I gave a talk, then Elder Ashton got to baptize him and then we had a really good party afterwards.  So things went great.  Then a bunch of the members invited him to play Soccer with him like right afterwards so he was well intregrated with the ward!  On Sunday we had the Ward Mission Leader give him the gift of the Holy ghost.  He also got the aaronic priesthood that sunday, so it was just lots of spiritual moments for him!
We also had E come to Church as well, so that was pretty great for us to still have someone that is looking pretty positive to be working with even after having a baptism.

It was amazing though to feel the spirit at the baptism, it was just a testimony to me that the things that I am doing everyday really do bring happiness into our lives.  I had some real polarizing experiences this week that just showed me how beatiful it is to have the gospel and the truth in our lives.  So I am very thankful for that!
Thanks for everything that you do for me!  It really makes a difference to have you there! 
Jeg elsker deg så mye, utrolig mye!
Din sønn,
Eldste Jones

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