Monday, September 2, 2013


Well it has been absolutley amazing week!  I can't believe it went by so fast!
So questions first, there are 20 missionaries in the North (including the ZLs).  My wieght is about the same, I do get fed a little bit more here, I am still about 205.  There is 4 zones in the mission.  I still have no idea about when elder N will get his visa so ya... still waiting on that.  Things are going great though with Elder A so I am happy I get some more time with him.  I am just as confused about the visa thing now as you are... so I don't know what to tell you haha.

Other than that there is lots of stuff to talk about.  I guess I can start with the good stuff that has been happening with S.  The baptism is on for this week!  He knows that everything is true and he is prepared to move forward and make the covenant with our heavenly father!  He came to lots of activities last week to, so he is becoming well integrated with the ward.  He actually came and played soccer with all of the missionaries on Monday as part of the conference that we had as well, so he is just an awesome guy! The best part is that we really didn't do anything, he is just being taught by the spirit as things move along!  So amazing how the Lord blesses those who act in faith and do as he asks!
Now about the conference that we had!  It was amazing!  I really don't even know how to describe it.  It began on monday when all the missionaries came into town and we had sports all day monday and then we had 3 hours to work with everyone that night, that was all amazing.  Then we had our meeting for the west and north zones on Tuesday here in Trondheim.   About 5 minutes before the program started we had a meeting with all of the zone leaders and assistents and Elder Kearon.  It was very short but the spirit was just unbelieveable.  I knew that he was a servant sent to us from the lord.  The meeting then began he shared his insights and led us through a discussion.  My biggest observation was that he taught us repentance, without using the word repentance.  He goal was to help us change, to become better missionaries, to be the people the Lord wants us to be.  He focused on the things that we could do personally to help make this change happen.  I don't know if I have ever seen a more effective teacher since I have been on my mission.  He knew how to focus on an individual, draw out further commentary, to be engaging to a group at the same time.  It really was incredible to see the influence of the spirit on those around us as he taught.  It really is kind of hard to capture the full image in words, you had to be there to comprehend it fully.
So then after that we had splits with the travelling assistents on Wednesday.  That was amazing as well, I learned a lot of cool new ways to be a better missionary out on the street and just how to be a more effective leader through watching there example.  They also helped to get a new baptismal date!  Elder B one of the travelling AP's also had served in Trondheim, so he led us to find one of his former investigators.  Her name is E and we met with her twice last week and got a baptismal date!  So that was amazing!  Small mircales just happened everywhere to make that happen.
On Thursday I went to Oslo to have a mission leadership council with Elder Kearon to wrap up his mission tour.  I might have learned more about teaching in that meeting than I did in the previous meeting with Elder Kearon.  It was so much more personal, so much more in depth.  So I think my last description times two would suffice to describe this experience.  The meeting helped to draw a focus for where the mission needs to go in the closing of the year.  I was really happy to be able to take part in that powerful experience, I know once again that Elder Kearon was a servant of the Lord.
The rest of the week went great as well. Elder L and I began to work on our Zone leader training for next week and Elder A and I just kept working and meeting more people (Elder L ends his mission in 8.5 months).  We had a a couple people in Church as well so it really was just a great week!
Æ elska dæ så mye!
Din sønn,

Eldste Jones

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