Monday, September 23, 2013

It was way cool to be a leader and watch the way that everyone responded to a slightly tough period.

Well another week has come and gone here in Trondheim!  I am glad to hear that things are still going well at home though!
The past week has been a pretty good one.  It has really started to feel like winter time has been rolling in.  It is getting dark earlier and earlier, which means it is starting to get cold here.  I can't believe that the sommer has already passed.  It just feels so wierd!
As far as the work goes though things have been pretty slow.  We have a couple people that we are working with but all of last week it was a struggle to get in contact with them.  So it really was just a lot of walking around and trying to find people to teach.  So that was kind of hard because I want to set a good example for Elder N and give him lots of experience teaching and what not.  I think that things will begin to pick up here in the next week; we have lots of good potentials now and we hope to have a lot of teaches! 
I think that the highlight of the week was when we had a meeting as a district on Saturday to trying and set some goals that could bring us together as a district.  It was way cool to be a leader and watch the way that everyone responded to a slightly tough period.  Everyone banded together and really set some high goals.  People became engaged and started asking for ways to show the Lord their commitment, it really came to be a self motivated thing!  I think the Lord really blessed us with his spirit as we tried to respond to the trials that we have had!  So that was a real high point of the week personally as well as an area.
Elder N is doing great, he is learning a lot and is really doing a great job.  I could not have asked for a better person to train.  He is eager to try things and willing to go the extra mile.  He is super easy going but at the same time very driven.  We get a long really well.  He played basketball and football in school, so that kind of makes things super easy haha!  I really could not be more happy with him.  He is going to be a great elder and already is one!
Other than that there is not a whole lot of things to talk about.  We went out to a mans cabin last week so I will be sending home some pictures of that!  We have all the members of the Trondhiem district there so they are pretty sweet. We also got to go see a castle last week, so I will have to show a picture of that as well.
Anyways, thank you so much for the support!  Keep being so awesome!
Jeg elsker deg!
Eldste Jones

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