Monday, October 28, 2013


Thank you so much for those pictures!  It was good to see everyone and everyone looks great!

I guess to just start with the stuff you already know about, we are still teaching M.  He is doing great.  He came to several activities and church and we got to meet with him several times other than activities and stuff, so it was just a lot of great stuff there.  However, we had to set back his baptismal date til the end of November, he just needs more time to learn and gain a real testimony.  We are pretty sure that he has had a pretty hard life and has a lot of trust issues and experiences to work through.  But I really just love the man so much and just want to see him progress.  It is amazing how quickly you can come to love a person when you are serving them. It really is the Lord's work here.

Other than that we had some pretty fun experiences.  We visited a church here called Salem.  They are a pentacostal church, a long lost relative of elder N's goes there.  So we went to their Saturday worship service which was pretty interesting.  That service was for all of the students here in trondheim, and the service consisted of a rock band that played for like and hour and then a student talking about the good samaritan.  The best part of the meeting however was when the student that was speaking began her speach by using our Bible video!  I was dying in my seat I was laughing so hard, I tried to visit a different faith and my own ran after me and caught me!  I went up to the girl that talked and spoke with her afterward and it kind of got awkward, she was not happy that we revealed to everyone that it was indeed our video.  (She was in a circle of like 6 people when we were talking and so they all heard me say that it was ours. So needless to say, I don't think she was planning on two mormon missionaries attending that service haha)

Other than that we had some good teaches with some other people and made some progress with new investigators.  Hopefully we will have another person with a baptismal date next week!  The funny part is that all of our new investigators are spanish speaking.  I have one from Cuba and one from Mexico!  They both have friends to, so we might just start bringing in more!

This week that is coming is Mission Leadership council, so I will be flying back to Oslo again on Wednesday.  That will make 35 flights since I began my mission!  I am not even at my year mark and I might be able to break 40!  So that is pretty exciting.  The transfer here ends on November 13 which is coming very quickly.  So it is in the middle of November, but that is only two and a half weeks away, so really it is right around the corner.  Elder D, will be on a plane home that day!  It feels so weird how much things are changing here.  Everyone is going home!  The wierdest part is that I will hit my year mark the day after my trainer leaves the land.  So yep, I think I am finally getting old here in the mission.  I still have yet to serve in the same zone as Elder E, so that is pretty sad. 
T still hasn't emailed me, but you better tell him to get off the computer and onto the treadmill!  Or he can stay on the computer and email, his choice.
Anyways that is pretty much it.  Jeg elsker deg!

Din sønn,
Eldste jones

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