Monday, November 4, 2013

Things are always the same it seems like!  Always something going off plan haha
This past week can probably fit under that same description.  We didn't really have a lot of things go to plan.  We didn't meet with anyone really.  Both of the guys we met last week couldn't met this week and have pretty much kebabed us. (Being kebabed means that someone doesn't show up to an appointment.  In the old days of the mission if someone didn't show up for an appointment missionaries would go and buy a kebab)  So that was kind of disappointing.  It is okay though, because we still had things to do and people to meet with!
Mission Leadership Council was great.  It was a good day for travel, went quickly to Oslo and then back up here!  It was a good experience to learn from president as always and a good opportunity to see other missionaries. I had a pretty scary moment though during the council.  I was called on to demonstrate how to get a referral from a member.  I had to do that in front of all the Zone leaders and assistants and President.  Luckily I had Elder Weaver as my comp. who did a great job.  So I don't think I embarrassed myself to badly haha. 
We met with M once last week.  It was right after Church.  We basically went through the Baptismal questions with him, and talked about how he has grown.  It is really amazing to see the growth that comes to people as they come closer to the Lord.  The Lord can really change people and help them in their lives.  It is a power that I have seen over and over on my mission.  A good number of times in myself.  I have come to love obedience and our father in heaven.  As we better understand our relationship to our father in heaven it becomes easier to follow his commandments and be the person you are meant to be.
So ya, we locked down M's baptismal date for the 16th.  That means that most likely I will leave 3 days before it.  We still haven't heard what is going on for transfers, but I still have a feeling like I will be leaving.  We find out Sunday.  There are two ways it could go, either it will be really dramatic or absolutely anti-climatic.  So we shall see haha. 
You asked how it feels to have success... well I think it might just be easier to describe how it feels to be a missionary/servant of the Lord.  Well none of these are really easy to describe.  I think I could steal some words from Elder Kearon, 'Glorious!'  That is the best way to describe the feelings in general. 
I know I am the Lords servant and that all things given to me are given for my good.  All experiences are to bring people closer to their savior and redeemer.  I know that he lives and loves us.  He plays a real, active role in everyday life. He has power in all things, even when we don't.  He is mighty to save, every single person. 
I think the best way to describe how it feels really is just to read Alma 26.  That does my feelings justice I think.
Anyways I have to run,
Jeg elsker deg!
Eldste Jones

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