Monday, December 9, 2013


Hello again!
Well it has been another crazy week.  Things here in Trondheim have changed a lot in the past week.  We have got like 2 feet of snow and it has dropped to like negative 15 here.  So that has been a pleasant change.  I think that Norway is so much more beautiful here in the Winter.  I like it so much more.  However it made for some hectic stories as far as my week of travel has been.
On Wednesday we had to go to Oslo for our Mission Leadership Conference.  So that meant that we woke up at about 4:30 to get ready for our train to the Airport.  As we walked to the train station the ground was dry and things were looking great.  It was a nice cold, dark norwegian morning.  The meeting went really well in Oslo, nothing to controversial came up.  It was nice to be back in the mission home for a while with President and sister evans.  Sister Evans made us a really good breakfast and lunch while we were there, that is always one of the highlights of being there.
The real story comes when we had to come back.  We got on our plane alright and the whole flight was good until we started our approach.   It was apparent that there was bad weather outside as we were shaking all over the place with turbulence.  The pilot then comes on and in some pretty thick dialect tells us that we would begin to enter a holding pattern above the airport.  After about 30 minutes of being in the Holding pattern we began a trip back to Oslo.  The runway in Trondheim was so iced over that we could not safely land.  So we return back to Oslo.  We then got back there and the people told us that we would be taking a redeye back to Trondheim at like 1:00 in the Morning.  We were hoping they would give a hotel that we could stay in for the night and just go back the next day, unfortunately our prayers where not answered.  So we waited there until the next flight.  So we ended up getting to sleep at like 3ish that night.  It was definitely a good experience though.  One to remember.
The real problem was that elder J and I had Weekly planning the next day. So I was just wiped for that.  I was struggling to stay awake so it was a long 3 hour planning session haha.
Finally the final traveling story.  I was supposed to go to Bodø on Friday.  As I got to the airport that morning I realized that might flight was delayed for 2 hours, so I found a bench to sleep on.  Unfortunately two hours later my flight was cancelled.  So that was a waste of my entire morning.  It turned out that almost all the flights in Norway where cancelled that day.  There was a huge storm that made it impossible to land and in some places so all of the aircraft crews couldn't make it to their scheduled flights, including mine.  So I started to walk back to the bus and I saw one of the members in the ward.  So he bought me some lunch in the airport and then I went back into to Trondheim.
I know that all of that happened for a reason though because Elder J and I taught our appointment we had a got another baptismal date with a guy.  that brings us up to a total of 5 dates in our companionship with 12 in our district and 16 in our zone!  I am not sure why the Lord is blessing us so much! It is just crazy to see him work with us everyday. 
M and her family where able to come to Church on Sunday!  Even the kids came.  The daughter, however has Asbergers and so it was really difficult for her to be there through all of church.  So they just came for Primary.  But is was the coolest thing to be able to walk into Church with a family with us.  A also came to church to!
Unfortunately we couldn't get S to meet with us because he is doing exams and a bunch of other stuff.  So we are going to try and meet with him this week and set more concrete stuff up.
Other than that I thought I would just explain so stuff I forgot to talk about last time.  You asked a little bit more about dialects.  All of the dialects are mutually-intelligible.  So basically it is more of an accent.   However, dialect do have different words and stuff that they can use that other dialects do not use. Each dialect is tied with a geographical area.  So I speak trøndursk which is the Trondhiem dialect.  It is pretty cool though I can totally speak and communicate with people from sweden and denmark as well! 
I got a call for a person trying to deliver a package to me, so it looks like I should be getting that soon as well.  We just put up a ton of christmas decorations in our apartment so we will have to send some pictures next week.
I look forward to hear about all of the things that are happening!
Elder Jones

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