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Well I am glad to hear that things have been good for you guys this last week!  It certainly was a great week for us!

I have a lot to say so I am just going to jump into it.  We got 3 new baptismal dates!  Two of them come from a family! The zone had its best week since president had been in the land!   And the district here is just shredding it!

First thing is first, we got a baptismal date with a man named A.  He is Norwegian and is from around here in the Trondheim area.  We learned that he also is a 2 time norwegian boxing champion!  We tried meeting with him several times last week and he ditched us every time we had an appointment.  That was super frustrating because I was super excited to teach him.  So on thursday we woke up and about 3 minutes into the day we got a text from him saying that he would like to meet up!  So that was a little miracle that came out of no where, but the miracles continues as we actually got a teach with him that day.  It was a great teach that came to end with an accepted baptismal commitment!

During that teach I had missed a phone call, it was from a number I didn't recognize.  I called it back and spoke with an inactive member that gave me a referral, for her daughter and son-in-law.  There names are M and I.  They to are norwegian.  Monica was active as a child in primary but was unfortunately never baptized.  She had seen missionaries on the bus and decided that now was the time to come back.  She told her mother and the mother took contact with us!  She and her husband had recently been struggling with depression and bagan reading the bible together and it helped!  So they have a burning testimony of the savior, and want to learn more. 

We taught them the next day, that teach also ending with a baptismal commitment.  They both accepted.  We are going to help them learn more and be sure of their testimony of the book of mormon. 

The miracles continue, we didn't have any appointments with S yet, but during our teach with M and I we had another telephone.  it was the elders, saying that S was in the church waiting for us!  So we got to teach him and help him out that day to! He is still doing good, he wants to be very sure about the things that he is doing and therefore wants to take it very slow.  His date is pretty far out there though, so that is just fine!

Finally at the end of all of these miracles in our area we learned of other miracles in the district.  Every single area in the district had one this week. I don't know if there has ever been a week like this one!

So needless to say, I am more than happy!  I know that the Lord has reached down and worked with every single one of us this week.  So we had a lot of reasons to be thankful. So when we had the thanksgiving here in church on Saturday it was just amazing.  We had 75 people at our thanksgiving dinner.  Everyone bring a little bit of something to contribute.  I think we had something like 8 turkeys to, so it was a pretty big feast!

I really can't begin to describe all of the blessing that we got this past week.  I know that the Savior is real and that he is here with us on a daily basis.  

This next week should be equally special, I have the opportunity to be Oslo for a mission leadership conference and then I get to go to Bodø on splits!  So I will have a lot more plan rides by the end of the week haha. That will make it really busy trying to get teaches for everyone during the off days!  

Anyways, I think I have to go.
Jeg elsker deg!

Eldste Jones

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