Monday, May 19, 2014

18 month mark (on the 14th) and 17 Mai (Constitution Day)


Well, this week has been insane.  It seems like I just talked to you guys but at the same time it feels like that was ages ago!  I really don't understand how time works here in the mission haha.

Anyways.  There were definitely a couple things that were huge this week. One of the first things that happened this week was splits with Elder W!  We did that on Wednesday.  I was supposed to go originally with Elder E, but because of some extenuating circumstances we had to switch some stuff.  So I went on Tuesday night to Oslo with Elder Wh and dropped him and then Elder W and I came back together to Sandvika where we worked all day Wednesday.  It was a solid day, we worked really hard and got a lot of stuff done.  It was way cool to be with Elder W again and we had a good time! 

I was kind of bummed that I didn't go with Elder E though!  It was our 18 month mark this past week, and we would have been together the exact day that we went into the MTC together.  (Mom commentary - Dallin and Elder E are the only 2 missionaries from his MTC group!) Anyways, that was just some wishful thinking haha.

Other than that we were doing a lot of different stuff here in Sandvika.  We had to get ready for 17. mai.  That was a blast! I sent some pictures home already but it really was insane. The entire city of Oslo was filled!  There must have been millions of people in the streets during that day.  All of them in their traditional dress (each one of which costs about six thousand dollars)!  I think that is the coolest part!  It is also the one day that we feel normal as missionaries, because all of the guys are wearing suits!  We fit right in. 

The day was sweet though. We woke up and had all of the missionaries meet at our apartment at 9.  We then all took the t-bane into town.  We stood right outside the palace and watched the parade with the King (he was sitting on his balcony)!  Then after that we all went to the mission home and had a huge bar-b-que.  It was awesome.  We ate hotdogs and sloppy joes and all sorts of good food.  It was fun to see all the missionaries too.  

It is kind of hard to really describe the day in all of its emotions though.  You just feel like you are a part of the country.  I sure do love the place!

Finally a little bit more about what we did this week with the investigators. G and R are both gone.  They moved and are trying to find work somewhere else now... that was way sad.  We did however find some others that are way positive.  We taught a brazilian family on friday.  They were so awesome.  We had contacted the father while we were on the street and he invited us to come and teach the whole family.  We got there and his wife and two sons were there too.  They were all so accepting of the message.  They loved to feel the spirit and wanted it more in their lives.  They committed to family prayer and scirpture study and were really excited for us to come back.  So that was really cool.  The best part was just to have the kneeling prayer with them when we were done.  It was amazing to see the family come together like that! 

Anyways there was a lot of other stuff but I think I will just leave it at that.  It was a awesome week!  One of the ones I will always remember. 

This week we're preparing for moves again.  That means buying more plane, train, and all sorts of tickets and lots of other stuff.  So yep.  We also get to go to TRONDHEIM this week! I am super pumped to go back!  It has been too long, but at last I return.  We are just doing some splits with the ZLs there.  It should be a good week!

Jeg elsker deg så mye!

Eldste Jones

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