Monday, May 12, 2014

Dallin's P-Day Changed to Saturday this Week for the May Day Celebration

Dallin warned me yesterday he would not be writing today because his p-day this week had been changed to Saturday because of the celebration in Norway this Saturday.  He also warned me that he probability would not write that day because they would be busy all day.  So I won't hear from him until next week!

But, yesterday's conversation was great!  Here are some highlights:

He is busy, busy, busy!
He loves, loves, loves everything about his mission (the land, the people, teaching the gospel, the language, learning, EVERYTHING)!
He has learned more than he could ever have imagined he would have.
He wouldn't trade his current assignment but misses proselyting full-time.
Says Norway is the prettiest place on earth!
He is supposed to come home November 11 but may extend to December 11.
He is down to 202 and has a goal of breaking 200 by this Saturday.  So skinny and looks incredibly handsome!!
He has very little time for cooking so he lives on Norwegian chocolate!  Who wouldn't love that?
He and his companion have "Frosty Fridays" and he says they make them exactly like Wendy's.

I am proud of the man that he is/has become!!

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