Monday, September 15, 2014


Hey there!

Man, you keep dropping the bombs on me!  A homecoming talk, thanksgiving dinner, what else could there be?  Haha, I am just kidding.  It makes me excited but definitely nervous to be leaving Norway.  I wake up each morning and tell Elder H how pumped I am to be on a mission!  We then talk about how sick it is all day and then we come home and we have to face reality that it is coming to an end.  Then a new day comes and the same thing happens!  Wierd how it works...

It is good to hear about the Angels though!  It would be nice to come home to a world series team!  Wierd to hear about all the other news from home to!  Life never stops.

This week has been a little strange for Elder H and I though.  We had a solid amount of time in our area for the first time in many, many weeks.  We kind of had to start from scratch too.  Most of the stuff we had from before had died out and so we had to basically restart our teaching pool.  We still had J A and A and others but none of them are making serious progression anymore.  So that was a challenge for us as we went throughout our week. We had some serious fire from Elder Bednar and then we had to go start from scratch... so yep.  I am learning another lesson on patience again.  I feel like I get that lesson all the time here on the misson.

So yep, this week was a lot of knocking on doors and trying to find people.

I definitely still super pumped because of the conference, but it is frustrating because it is clear that others aren't.  I just want to give them the fire I have each day and help them realize what they have the opportunity to do!  It really is just amazing!

The office is going to be slow though for a couple week in the middle of this transfer. I am pretty confident that we are going to make a huge difference in our area now with all the time we have.  The office couple has been out of the office for a whole week now to because they went to see their son's marriage.  Things might pick up again when they come back.

I ask myself each day if I am really learning what I am supposed to be learning.  Am I becoming who Heavenly Father wants me to become? I am really trying to squeeze out every last bit of what I can here, and that is making all the difference.  I know that time is limited and that is making me love it all the more.  

Anyways, we have another week ahead with lessons to learn and teach.  Hopefully we get both!

Jeg elsker deg så mye!

Elder Jones

Mom Note:  Dallin sent the pictures from the photographer of the newspaper article so I have included some of the ones that didn't make it into the article.

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