Monday, September 29, 2014

I know that if we are diligent and work hard and pray with a sincere heart and real intent he gives us what we need.


This week has been just insane!  We have been super busy yet again haha. It sounds like you guys did as well.

I am super bummed to hear about Popo.  I will definitely continue to keep him in my prayers.  I have a testimony that through fasting and prayer we can get what we need.  We actually have a really good story of that from this past week.

We had another week where we would have a lot of time to be working in our area.  We would only have to leave for splits in Trondheim and that was pretty much it.  So we were super excited to get out and kill it.

Unfortunately we got out into our area and things were really slow.  We had trouble finding new investigators and getting other things done.  So we went through the entire week without finding any new investigators, not having any baptismal dates, and struggling to get any sort of progression with the people we did have.

So it was Sunday and Elder Holden decided we would fast.  After church we had 6 hours to make things happen.  We went out for the first hour and half and knocked on doors without any sort of success.  It was just dead.  We came back to the office and pretty much empty cupboards and scrounged for something to break our fast (we had forgotten to buy food the day before for the sabbath).  

We went out after that and the Lord gave us everything that we were praying and fasting for!  We got 4 new investigators, 2 new baptismal dates and people that could actually make some progression.  

So I know that if we are diligent and work hard and pray with a sincere heart and real intent he gives us what we need.  

I received that same testimony several other times this past week as we worked on Splits in Trondheim and with the District Leader in Sandvika.  I know that the Lord will support you if you rely upon him.  

Anyways.  I guess I feel super blessed to have had such great spiritual experiences over the last week.

To answer your questions, No, we did not get to teach Ole and Håkon.  We will try and teach them this week though.  I missed a teach with Alexandre, but Elder Holden taught him and it went really well. We did get to teach Jon axel, and ya he is making some small progression.

As part of our fast we wanted to have a baptism this week, we have people that have been to church enough times and are close enough to baptism that it could happen this week or at any time really.  We are just waiting on the time-table of the Lord.  So yep, there is definitely a baptism waiting in Sandvika.

So yaaa... it was a pretty busy week. Lots of cool experiences.  I look forward to another week ahead.  We get to have MLC again (this time Elder Holden gets to conduct that meeting) and we get to have General Conference.  I am super pumped for both meetings.  We are also going to be doing splits in Oslo.  So that should be pretty fun as well.

Anyways, thanks for being such a great Mom and for the Happy Birthday wishes and for everything you do!  

Jeg elsker deg så mye!  

Din sønn,
Eldste Jones

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