Monday, October 13, 2014


hey there!

haha I did end up getting your message from last week so you don't have to feel so bad about that!  it came when you resent it!

It was good to hear from you this week too though.  It sounds like a ton of stuff has been happening back at home!  That movie sounds super cool!  I am kind of jealous that I didn't get to see it! Elder H and I saw the preview on and thought that it looked sick! We are definitely missionaries haha.

Anyways, this past week has been an interesting one.  We got to go to Stavanger and and do splits with the Elders there.  I got to spend and entire day with E!  It was super awesome!  I got super excited to work with him over the next month. He is such an awesome Elder.  We got to do a lot of proselyting and I swear there is no other person that I work better with than with Elder E!  It is just so easy to teach with him and to know what he is thinking.  Seriously, it was just like the perfect day.

Other than that we spent a lot of time getting ready for moves again.  We had to purchase flights and trains and rent out a guest house and all the other odds and ends that come with a big transfer like this.  We also got to work super hard in our area. I totally forgot to tell you guys last week, but we have had the hugest miracle here.

Two weeks ago on Sunday Elder H and I fasted so that we could have a baptism here in Sandvika before I leave.  We had many people that had come to church and were really just waiting on an answer to get baptized.  So we felt like the Lord could totally make it happen.  The Lord blessed us in such a different way though.  I can't give too many details, but the Lord doubled our blessings!!  It was a huge testimony to me that the Lord will always reward us when we are trying to do what is right.  I know that he hears and answers prayers and that he wants us to know that.

Anyways, the rest of the week is hectic. We get new missionaries tomorrow and we  have moves on Wednesday.  We are going to be a taxi service to the 16 coming and 11 going. Once the dust settles Elder E and myself will hit the road. We are going to have a car for 2 weeks while we visit all of the areas in the east and telemark zones and then we will start taking flights, ferries, and busses and all of that kind of stuff for the final two weeks.

It should be pretty exciting!  I will take pictures... this will be well documented.

Anyways, I should be back in the office next monday to write and report to president and stuff like that.  So I am sure that i can even send some pictures home.

I have to get some stuff done here. So i will be talking to you later I guess!

Jeg elsker deg!

Eldste Jones

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