Monday, March 25, 2013


Hei sann!

So glad to hear that things are well back home!  To answer Papa Del, no I haven't seen them (the Northern lights) yet.  That is so cool to hear that we have so many missionaries coming out from the stake!  

I am way pumped to hear that Riley finally got his call!!! I am so pumped for him, he is going to be such a good missionary.  He is a stud.

As far as things here are going, everything is good.  I am doing emails at the Local library today, so things are kind of working really slow.  But that is okay.  I am just excited to hear from you guys.

The past week was full of different stuff.  To start with something fun, I found a slackline!!!   There is a big park here and someone just came and put in like a tournament style rack that holds a slackline and left it there for the public.  So pretty much everytime we walk by there I hop on for a go and then continue on contacting.  I have to say that my skills have diminished though.  There are often kids there doing it to, so I stop and try and talk to them as well.

The highlight of the week was definitely when we had a member dinner that we got to bring investigators to.  The husband is from Norway and the wife from the states.  She served a mission in Norway.  They are all way awesome though.  We brought our investigators, X.  They had a really good time, we ate sloppy joes.  They seemed to like the american style cuisine haha.  

When we tried to have our lesson after the dinner the home teachers showed up.  So we let them do their lesson.  It was the one from the Laihona and it turned out to be really good.  

We also had a ward baptism on Friday.  One of the 7 year olds turned 8 and got baptized.  We got X to the baptism so we were way excited about that!  They really enjoyed it.  We are really excited to give them a baptismal commitment in our next lesson!

Other than that there wasn't a whole lot to report on.  We did a lot of street contacting, met a lt of crazy people and got a lot of potential investigators.  So next week we will see what we can do to actually get some progressors out of them.

But anyways we are off to go climb Lillehorn today.  It is another beautiful day here in Bergen.

Jeg elsker deg så mye!

Din sønn Eldste Jones

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