Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hi mom,
Not a whole lot of time for email today.  We have maybe 5 minutes each to shoot an email off.  Anyways, no I do not have a bump on my arm, yes I am healthy.  I actually have lost weight, I have lost 30 pounds!  My paints are super big on me and I am on the last belt loop of my belt. 
We get fed by members a lot.  We actually eat with members about 2 or three times a week.
Last week was way good, ate with members for easter and lots of other fun stuff.  People in Norway all leave for the mountains though, so there was no one in the city.  So we didn't have a lot to do.
Tell everyone sorry that I can't write but we have a dinner appointment with our investigators at 5 that we have to get to.
They are progressing so well, and we found out that they are getting married in june in Spain!  We are way pumped and are so happy that they are progressing.
Anyways, I have to go, I love you!

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