Monday, April 22, 2013

Hei hei!

Well not much to report from the last week I guess.  Not a lot on the new investigator front. We have been struggling to find new investigators in the past week or two.  We Have been trying to do a lot of contacting and what not.  Other than that there really not a lot going.  The weather here is getting a lot more Bergensk.  We have seen a lot of rain in the recent past.  It is definitely warmer though!  

A typical day here without being in training, well it is a lot like the other days.  We wake up and I do jump rope, write in my journal for the day before, shower and then eat breakfast. We start with studies at 8; personal, companionship, and language.  At 11 we eat lunch.  Then we usually have appointments or contacting for the rest of the day.  With dinner in there somewhere.  If we go into the city we try and stay in the city for the rest of the day.  But ya, thats about it.  

The ward is about 500 members.  Only about 100 of them are active.  We just got the second stake last year.  So I am part of the Drammen stake. 

That is cool to get to hear that things are all going well at home.  Things are good when we are busy.  Also could you find out where B comes from?  Tell the team hi for me!  I was trying to remember the other day and I couldn't.  

I am not totally sure if I have any pictures for you but i will see if I can dig some up haha.  

Now for the events of the week.  We have a baptism this Saturday in the District!  The sisters here have one of their investigators getting baptized!  So that is exciting.  We have continued meeting with D, Y is still out of the country.  we met with T again, he is still not progressing though. We are thinking about giving him to the end of the transfer and if he is not progressing we are probably going to drop him.  We did a lot of contacting in the past week as well.

I almost forgot, we had a really fun ward activity here!  The YSA here put it on, basically we had different activities going on throughout the church.  Elder Davidson and I both taught the ward how to contact on the streets for our little portion.  it was super fun and we had a blast.  I will see if I can get those pictures to you.  They are hilarious.  We had people dress up like missionaries in our clothes and then we brought wigs for the pretend investigators.  People were looking so ridiculous!  Way to much fun.  I could not stop from laughing and smiling the whole time.

Today president is coming into Bergen.  He is visiting our district for our district meeting tomorrow.  We hope to find out stuff about the transfer calls and what not.  Not sure if he will give any information though.  Won't stop me from trying!

I am so nervous about transfers, I cannot think about leaving Bergen.  This place is perfect.  The members here are awesome, I learn so much everyday, i really cannot describe how amazing this place is.  It scares me to think that I could leave to go to an area with on 4 members... but I guess I go where the Lord sends me!

Anyways thats about it.

Jeg elsker deg så mye!

Din sønn
Eldste Jones

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