Monday, April 8, 2013


Hi mom,

Yes 30 pounds... I have no idea how it happened. I stopped drinking soda and I no longer sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day... so I guess that would do the trick.  My clothes fit, kinda. I just cinch my belt really tight and then everything is good.  I don't feel like I look any different though.  So I think that most of the wieght I lost was in my legs, or something.  

D and Y are doing good.  Y went away 25 days though. She comes back on the 27 of April.  So as of now we are just working with D.  We sent the missionaries her information so they could contact her. D told us that she found out that her brother got baptized so that was way good news to hear.  We hope that he takes her to church with him.  Other than that, there is not a whole lot of news on the investigator front.  

We actually just finished watching conference, we had to Watch Sunday afternoon session here this morning.  We watched Priesthood and one saturday and one sunday sesssion yesterday.  So the schedule was all messed up.  Conference was way good though!  Lots of great inspiring talks and an awesome emphasis on missionary work.

Ya the family got to go to conference, I was way jealous haha.  And yes she is pretty amazing, she is actually from the phillipines. Transfers come up at the begining of May.  So it is coming fast.  I don't know if I will stay in bergen or not.  Either my comp or I should be leaving.  We have 6 elders leaving on that day so there will be a lot of changes.  

By the way, today is officially the day where I am no longer a greenie!  My twelve week training is over!  I am so pumped!

That is good to hear about spring break and some time for the family. Tell taylor to write me!  That kid never does it!  

A line from conference comes to mind though, there are few things more powerful than the prayers of a righteous mother.  I forget who said it, but I want to say it was in priesthood session.  I don't have my notes at hand so I couldn't tell you.

On that note I just wanted to tell all of you at home how grateful I am for you.  I know that your prayers, Mom, especially help me every day.  Thank you.  I know how important this work is and I am so happy that we can all stand together in pushing it forward.

Takk skal dere ha!

Mye kjærlighet til dere!

Jeg elsker deg mama!

Din sønn,

Eldste Jones

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