Monday, April 15, 2013



The week here has been way good.  We finally got a baptismal date with D and Y!  But I will talk more about that later. Questions first.  Transfers basically happen when we have Elders or Sisters coming or leaving.  So we have elders leaving on may 2nd and then we have a big group coming from the MTC on May 27th.  So we basically have 2 big moves next month.  It looks like we will lose a lot of leadership and what not so I think I will probably lose Elder D soon.  But ya, there is no set schedule for transfers now, just when we have some leave or come.  As far as pictures, I have bought a Flash drive here that I backup all of my pictures on.  So I have my SD card and a flash drive that has my pictures.  It is actually pretty common for elders here to have full on portable harddrives that they store a bunch of stuff on, but I just got a 16gb flashdrive.  I will see if I can find some to send to you from the recent past.

This week though.  It was awesome.  I went to Stavanger on splits for Thursday and Friday with our Zone leader.  While I was there we got the opportunity of picking up one of the new missionaries from the Airport.   She looked like she was doing well, and she definitely has an awesome trainer.  Other than that though Stavanger was awesome.  I was with Elder A.  The other zone leader, Elder C was here with Elder D.  It was really cool to see another part of Norway.  It was wierd though being by myself in the airport travelling and what not on the way back.  All good though!  Elder A was way cool to get to work with, he has this really cool dialect that he picked up in Bodø, so he sounds really cool when he speaks norwegian.  He was way good to get to learn from to, its amazing how many people there are around you that can teach you so much!

Anyways, while I was in Stavanger Elder D and Elder C. taught D and Y.  So I wasn't there for the baptismal date, but it sounded like a really good teach.  Other than that not a whole lot went on.  We were hitting the streets a lot.  It has finally started to rain here.  So that is a little interesting.  I went out and bought a waterproof windbreaker that has a hood.  I realized that was something that I was lacking.  It was a little expensive but I think it will be really good to have here.  

Anyways,  thats about it.

Jeg elsker deg så mye!

Din sønn

Eldste Jones


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