Monday, March 17, 2014

That is still so wierd for me to think that Bishop is actually brother Baker!  But I am glad to hear that you had a good sunday and that things are going well at home!

It was defintely another crazy week here in Oslo. We had a lot happen once again, haha.
So moves where definitely exciting.  Elder W and I are both staying here in Oslo.  We have a lot of changes in Oslo though.  Sister C leaves on Thursday to head back to California, and Sister H is getting transferred.  So that companionship of sisters is getting whitewashed and they are replacing them with Elders.  The best part is that Elder S is coming to Oslo!  So he will be the district leader here. Unfortunately Elder C is leaving, but he got a great place to move to, Narvik!  Elder D, who is Elder C's current companion will be Elder S's companion.  They will live in the apartment below Elder W and I.  So it will be a party here in our apartment every night haha!
Outside of Oslo we had some interesting changes to.  Elder L is coming to the east for his last 10 weeks in the mission. He will be in Halden.  Other than that there wasn't a whole lot of changes.  Elder J and N are still in the east with me.  However, President did put Sisters in Tromsø.  That is the farthest north they have been in almost 20 years or so.  So that was pretty exciting to.
As far as our week goes though, things were pretty slow.  We didn't have a whole lot of things happen. Unfortunately we got a text from A saying that he is not ready to move forward and that he needs more time.  A lot more time.  HE asked to take a pause until October.  Luckily we were able to get another teach lined up with him for this week. Hopefully we can figure out what is going on.  But as of now, that baptism is off.
We had a great Sunday though!  We had two investigators in church.  That has't happened for us in a long time.  M finally made it.  He was there for Sacrament meeting and he seemed to enjoy it.  He is still struggling to find an answer though.  We also got another man to church named P.  He is from Morocco and just loves to learn about Christ.  Unfortunately he is really sick so it is hard to meet with him.  So that was the only time we have seen him in like 3 weeks.
Other than that we had a lot of different stuff going on. Because of all of the changes in the ward we decided as a district to split up the ward geogrophically between all of the missionaries.  So now we have a small area in Oslo that we are responsible for.  Hopefully that will help us to attack the work in a more effective and organized way.  We have been struggling to effectively cover this big area. 
We had some interesting moments while working this week to.  Last night we went knocking doors. The whole night families were opening there doors just to say that they were not interested.  So it was a really long night of disappointment.  Luckily for us though the Lord had a reason for it.  After being there for a couple hours with no success we decided to go home.  At the metro stop we ran into one of our investigators!  It was one that said he was going to come to church but didn't.  We were able to have a good conversation and set up a meeting for the next week.  It helped him to realize the importance of church and he said that he would come next week.  I thought it was awesome how the Lord just puts us in the right places at the right times.  It is amazing to see him work through us!
Other than that it was just a lot of teaches and trying to meet with people. Some people are progressing and others are just plugging a long.  We are praying to have some baptisms soon!
I am so thankful for the things that you have taught me!
Jeg elsker deg så utrolig mye!
Din sønn,
Eldste Jones

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