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That is way crazy to hear about the earthquake that hit!  It does seem like forever since we had the last one in California. I definitely haven't felt one here in Norway that is for sure! Elder S told me that his Brother just got called to Peru!  I told him that I had friends there and stuff, way crazy!
Anyways, the past week here has been pretty low key. We taught our investigators, and had the normal stuff going on.  However, I almost forgot, we had zone conference!  It actually was a really good meeting this week.  We combined all of our zone and the Telemark zone.  So that meant that we had about 50 missionaries together.  That will probably be the closest I ever get to having a mission conference...  but it was still way awesome!  I got to see Elder E and other familiar faces.  So it was definitely a treat. 
Unfortunately it was still really rough though.  Most of the investigators in our teaching pool have stagnated. They are not really progressing anymore and are becoming really flakey.  A and I didn't get the chance to come to church, but we did get to visit them at home.  They are having a really difficult time.  They sold everything they had to come to Norway and now are living on that.  They are trying to find jobs but that is almost impossible because they do not speak the language.  They want to be members but they feel that they cannot pay tithing when they have to take care of their little girl. So they are in a very tight situation to say the least.  We shall see though.  Hopefully the lord blesses them with a great job that they feel comfortable paying tithing on or something...
On Saturday we had ward party that was pretty fun to.  It was a culture party, so we had food from a ton of different places and lots of different people performing different things.  There is a guy from Taiwan that lives in the ward that forced me to help him with his act.  He was going to show how a chinese yo-yo worked.  So I went up there and did it with him, it was way embarrasing considering I am not good at it at all!  Luckily it only lasted like 2 minutes.  After the party though we had Q's baptism. That went great.  I sang with Elder D and K (the taiwanese guy) while Q changed his clothes.  That went well enough to I guess.  We sang ''The Lord is my Sheppard''

Other than that our other investigators are about the same. Not to much of a change in the last week. 
The new district is pretty great though!  We have Elder S and Elder D living below us in our apartment building.  They come upstairs to our place a lot of the time.  Every Wednesday we have what we call Whip-it-up Wednesdays where we make smoothies and then every Sunday we have Sunday Sundaes!  We have made some delicious food haha. 
This week is going to be pretty nuts though.  We have Mission Leadership Council on Wednesday which will be an all day meeting, and then we have general conference all weekend.  On top of that, Elder W will be gone in Drammen for a baptism that is happening there on Thursday.  So I get to work with the other elders that day!  So it seems like we are going to missing out on a lot of proselyting time!
I have one more story.  I forgot to tell it last week.  We totally got to see the Nothern Lights here in Oslo!  We were in the center when we got a call saying they were outside. We were teaching a less active that had never seen them before either and so we all got up and ran outside to get a peek.  After searching for like 15 minutes to find a dark spot where we could see them we ended up on the castle grounds, and there they were.  The Northern Lights in Oslo.  That was way sweet too.  So now I can say that I have seen them twice!
Anyways, today is going to be pretty busy.  The sister are teaching a tennis player that was on the pro tour.  She comes from Lithiwania and is now a coach here in Norway.  We are all going to her facilities to get to play some tennis for our p-day.  There are two elders here right now that both played in high school and then the rest of us.  So it should be pretty fun.  I am way excited!

Anyways, Jeg elsker deg!
Din sønn,
Eldste Jones

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